Pain day

Pain day

Workout Date:





Saved by the bell, switchfoot, big wheels, site work, bluegrass, stuffed crust, punch list, super dave, goldberg, straplock, bob the builder

The Thang:

5:15 disclaimer given

warm up

21 ssh ic

10 Burpees

15 windmills ic

10 burpees

little baby arm circles ic 10 forward 10 reverse

10 burpees



we  moseyed  down to the marina where  there just so happen to be a place to do pull-ups  so everyone grabbed a partner. Partner 1 would do amrap pull ups and his partner would spot him to get one more in then he would do 15 leg throws and then it was partner 2 turn we did 4 rounds of this then we mosyed to other  Side of the marina and got in groups of three and two of the three pax grabed a rock one pax ran while one curled the rock and the other pax Do you try  back arm  extensions when the runner got back they would switch until everyone did all  three we did three sets of that then switched  to lunges and squats  While one pax run we did two sets of this. Then we Mosey back to the shovel flag  ending with a little pax choice


Bye a Burpee is still going on to help Perkplus

Kettle bell shirt order

Saturday morning Boot Camp 7:00-8:00

Prayer request

Super Dave‘s family with the loss of a loved one

Thanks for the Opportunity to lead

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