Parking Garage Sweat-fest

Parking Garage Sweat-fest

Workout Date:





Bling, OneCall, Hoser, Lombardi, Jingles, Valvano

The Thang:

79° with 90% humidity outdoors….

A few weeks ago I had the idea for a parking garage beatdown. We’d used #WaveRucker as training primarily for the DC Star Course, logging long rucks, but without much PT for a while so I wanted to push everyone.  I intended to grab the Q last week, but Hoser beat me to the punch … turns out he’d been thinking the same thing! #greatminds #IneverthoughtI’dsaythataboutHoserandI #backtobacksweatfests

1 minute warning
Disclaimer given

SSH x 25 IC
TTT x 12 IC
IW x 15 IC
Windmill x 10 IC

A request was sent out early for PAX to provide sand bags or comparable coupons (40-60#).  OneCall said he’d bring his 40# feather pillow (aka #carpoollovesack), but Bling drove and he forgot it.  With 6 PAX present, 3 sandbags (40#, 45#, & 46) were chosen and we headed off to the parking garage via the long way around the lake (~0.75 miles)

YHC explained that we would be doing six sets of AMRAP DORA – P1 would perform an excercise AMRAP while P2 performed a given movement.

P1 – AMRAP Merkins
P2 – Ruck with coupon up two ramps, touch the wall and come back to start
Flapjack and repeat

P1 – AMRAP coupon curls
P2 – Shuffle/Mosey with ruck up two ramps, touch the wall and come back to start
Flapjack and repeat

P1 – AMRAP coupon shoulder press
P2 – Climb stairs to top of garage, step outside (amazing how refreshing 79° with 90% humidity can feel), and back down
Flapjack and repeat

At this point, the sweat was flowing and everyone was having trouble breathing/chewing the thick parking garage air, so we took a slow “cool down” ruck around the garage.

P1 – Bearcrawl up 1 ramp
P2 – Ruck up 1 ramp and hold coupon overhead until all P1s arrive
Flapjack and repeat

P1 – Crawlbear down 1 ramp
P2 – Ruck down 1 ramp and hold coupon in Al Gore until all P1s arrive
Flapjack and repeat

P1 – AMRAP Squats
P2 – Farmer carry coupon up 1 ramp and back down
Flapjack and repeat

A second “cool down” ruck around the garage was needed at this point before the real fun began.  After all, we’d already put in a standard bootcamp’s worth of work and were getting started on the second … just not according to the Iron Flag #ironfisted

YHC announced the next/final excercise once we arrived back to the parking garage stairwell: 11’s. On the stairs. All of them. Squats at the bottom and CDDs at the top.  Move as a team throughout.

This was much more brutal than I thought it would be. Spiraling up and down the stairwell with CDDs mixed in got everyone spinning.  I’m surprised no merlot was splashed.  And add to that the temperature in the stairwell, which seemed to climb 5° every time we entered.  To make it bearable, we mixed in a slow ruck the length of the top deck 3 or 4 times for a slight cool off.

Everyone pushed and everyone finished.  Coupons were shouldered and we took the direct route back to the cars.

Time Called! 0600, 3.7 miles in total

Count-O-Rama – 6
Prayer requests for Jill’s surgery in a few hours
Prayer requests for Pert Plus adoption
Prayer requests for Bling’s upcoming travel

– I set out writing this #weinke to push everyone (no easy task with the #WaveRuckers group), which I think I accomplished.  #Tclaps to each of you for the push and accountability (this morning and daily/weekly). #ISI
– Extra #Tclaps to Jingles on his first #WaveRucker post!  Come back next week!  #OneCallsonQ #easypeasy

– HDHH tonight!  810 Bowling in Market Common.  5-7, M & 2.0 friendly!
– Buy a Burpee to help Pert Plus – READ IT HERE

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