Parking Lot Burnouts

Parking Lot Burnouts

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Kitten, Rousey, Vitamin D, Crankbait, Chewy, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions: 78 degrees, Perfect

Its only been 4 days since YHC posted but it felt like forever, so I was excited to get back in mix. YHC arrived early and set out 4 pain stations in the larger parking lot for the ensuing beatdown. First to arrive was Chewy and after a few minutes we thought it might be just the two of us. No worries though 2 or 20 the beat-down must go on. Rousey then entered. Greeting made (#longtimenosee). Within a minute 3 fellow HIM (Crainkbait, Vitamin D, & Kitten) rolled in back to back (#ISI caravan). Friday night recap (#heartbreakerMB)(#gopanthers). Chewy wanted to know if there would be much shoulder work (#IR), I assured him “not too much” (#littlewhitelie). Modify if necessary.

1 Minute Warning


SSH 25 IC; TTT 24 IC; Windmills 24 IC; 10 Burpees

Imperial Walkers 24 IC; Mountain Climbers 24 IC; Hill Billies 24 IC; 15 Burpees

Little Baby Arm Circles 24 IC;  Reverse 24 IC; Overhead Press 24 IC; Cherry Pickers 24 IC; 20 Burpees

Big Boy Sit-ups 24 IC; Flutter Kicks 40 IC; Box-cutters 24 IC; 15 Burpees

Mosey to Large Parking Lot

Pain’t the Lines


4 Corner – BurnOuts: Each Pax partnered up and chose a Corner to start. As one Partner began the exercise the other partner ran the perimeter of the large parking lot. After each lap of the parking lot the PAX flap jacked (flip/flop) until all 4 exercises were completed by each partner at the designated corner. Then moseyed to the next pain station until all corner were visited and all exercises completed.

Corner 1 Exercise 1: Curls – 30 reps – 45 lb bar; 30 reps- 35 lbs plate;  30 reps -25 lbs plate

Corner 2 Exercise 2: 30 Squats (20 lbs coupon optional); 30 Jump Squats; 30 Sumo Squats (20 lbs coupon optional); 30 Prison Squats

Corner 3 Exercise 3: Overhead Press – 30  reps -40 lbs sandbag; 30 reps – 35 lbs plate; 25 lbs plate, 20 lbs paver

Corner 4 Exercise 4: 30 Merkins; 25 Diamond Merkins; 20 Wide-grip Merkins; 15 Ranger Merkins

10 Minutes: Wind Sprints across front parking lot X 3

5 Minutes: Mary ‘Round the Horn – 20 Flutter-kicks IC (Quaker); Carolina Dry Docks IC (Vitamin D); Merkins IC (Rousey)


Announcements: Flyoever’s House tonight for the BIG FIGHT!!;; Coffeteria

Praise Reports:  Vitamin D passed his Orthopedic Boards (#Tclaps)

Prayers: Vitamin D & family traveling this weekend; Prayer for Victim’s Family of Bank Robbery





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