Partner up, and go…..

Partner up, and go…..

Workout Date:





Valvano, One Call, Lombardi, Karma, Bubbles, Weedeater, Varsity, Jingles (respect), Headgear (AOQ), Hamburglar, Humpback, Dunphy (DR Lexington), Sledge (DR Hartsville), Bling

The Thang:

Ahhhh, Warthog!  The Homeland, the OG, Basecamp, Mother of all other AO’s (Grandstrand obviously).  the “Apollo 11”!

“That’s one small Bubbles squat for Man, one giant Valvano lunge for Mankind”.   We all love this place- it has all the elements a solid AO needs physically, but what makes this the Mother are the peeps.  The energy, laughter, howling, mumble chatter, and overall enjoyment that goes on here for 45 minutes is worth the punishment!  So, I knew I needed to bring it (especially when Charlie Soto told me Tuesday I was Q’ing…..)

Stopped by my Carpool Bromance house last night to chat him up for a solid Q (and to tuck him in as he is alone for a few days).  we sat over a solid cup of Joe and discussed how much we dislike Valvano……….and how I could make his Q from Tuesday much better, and “steal” some of his ideas (that was extremely easy for all who breezed thru).  Left knowing nothing relevant at all, as OC was very sleepy after a rough day of making binders (please dont ask….)

picked him up at 0505, made our way to Warthog.  Weather- 72 and very nice.  Pulled in “hot” at 0526, to a nice crowd of PAX ready to roll!

solid disclaimer, stretched out for an extra 15-20 seconds to allow “5:32Varsity” to get out of the car.  Moseyed across the bridge to start our beatdown.

15 Flutters IC


20 Tempo squats IC

20 Flutters IC

mosey to the fountain/street and circle up.  (Noticed a couple in the window above GB spying on us!  Needed to keep noise down)

20 arm circles front IC

20 arm circles back IC

25 Flutters IC


mosey down the street another 100 yards- circle up

20 Hello Dolly IC

30 Flutters IC

22 Merkins IC (#22Kills)


Paired the PAX in 2’s as they were in the circle (mostly to get them with PAX they don’t usually pair up with- or as we call it at Warthog, the Bubbles/Varsity Rule).  Mosey with your buddy to the parking deck and up the stairs to the top- all the way to the end of lot.  Partner AMRAP/DORA.  at the top- both AMRAP merkins until 1 stops- then mosey down 1 level incline together.  AMRAP jump squats until 1 stops, then mosey back up top to repeat the merkins.  back and forth for a 13 minute AMRAP.  Great to see all pushing hard here, this was tough with no rest.  I took one for the team and partnered with Weedeater…….

13 minutes got us to 0603- plenty of time to get more crap done- as partners.  Down the stairs to the bottom.  Partner 1 wall sit, while partner 2 does the flight if stairs up- hitting each step.  switch position.  Round 2 would be skipping a step and then switch positions.  #muggystairwells!  For round 3 we made our way out of the stairwell and to the bottom entrance of the deck.  partner 1 would wall climb or handstand- partner 2 would do 20 BBSU.  0611- time to roll.  Mosey back to flag and circle up….TIME

As always, solid push, solid smack talk, solid HIM.  Great to have both Sledge and Dunphy (and his 3 pound vest) joining us for the week, hope they go back to Hartsville and Lexington respectfully with sore muscles and solid memories!

Announcements- Another 2nd F distillery tour at Twelve33 on 7/31, Wednesday.  Please let me know if you can join- $25 per PAX/person at 5:30-7:00.  Great time will be had.

Prayed out.

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