Pass the Q! Pound the weight!

Pass the Q! Pound the weight!

Workout Date:



(The PAX)


Grass Patch, Etch a Sketch, Whittle, Bluegrass

The Thang:

2 PAX for a very cold pre-run

Conditions: COLD, frigid, frosty, chilly, nippy, miserable………
One Minute warning given
Disclaimer given

We didn’t have a Q for today and I had led several beatdowns in the recent months so I wanted to give everyone a chance to take the Q so I reached out to see if anyone was interested. After a little back and forth on text Grass Patch recommended a Co-Q from all the PAX, so that’s what we did. I knew with the cold weather we would probably have a small group and WonTon had been sick so I hit up Whittle and ask him to come. He moaned and groaned a little but Grass Patch had grabbed a shirt for him so we told him if he didn’t show the shirt was ours. Somewhere in the group message WonTon used a shirt Emoji but it just happened to be a pink tank top, so everyone jumped on that quickly and I recommended that along with losing his shirt if he didn’t show, Whittle should be renamed Pink Tankini because that is what the emoji looked like. Needless to say he was there because he knows I am crazy and I would have told everyone, what he probably didn’t plan on was me telling everyone anyways, but here we are.

For this week we had the following equipment:
Kettlebells: 30lb(Pair), 40lb(Pair), 40lb(Pair), 50lb(Pair), 70lb, 80lb
Dumbbells: 20lb (Pair)
Curl Bar with 25 lb plates

For the circuit the kettlebells were lined up in descending order by weight with the 20lb dumbbells between the 30lb and 40lb KB pairs. Circuits were 30 seconds on and 5 seconds off.

Circuit One
Kbell-Swings hitting each individual KB

Circuit Two (Grass Patch)
Kbell-Use all as singles alternate between Curls and Tricep extensions
70lb and 80lb KB- Alternating Bent over Rows
Dumbbells-Curls or Tri extentions
Curl bar- Curls

Circuit Three (Etch)
Kbell-Up right Rows/High Pulls
70lb and 80lb KB Deadlift
Dumbbell-Man Makers

Circuit Four (Bluegrass/YHC)
Kbell-Shoulder Press
70lb and 80lb KB Farmers Carry
Dumbbell-Man Makers
Curl bar- Triple Crush

Circuit Five (Whittle)
After Whittle made his decision to add Deadlifts into the mix I had an idea that I had been wanting to try, I ask if they would mind if I changed up the deadlift on the 80lber and he was good with it. I quickly ran behind the church and grabbed two concrete blocks and ran back while they had started the circuit. I placed them about 12 inches apart and set the 80 lb KB between them and demonstrated the deficit deadlift movement. Whittle had a little mumble chatter going on about me and my concrete blocks, guess he was still upset about the burpees with blocks from yesterday.

Kbell-cross body snatch with 30s and 40s
K-Bells Shoulder Press w/ 50s
K-Bells 70lb Dead lift and 80lb deficit deadlift
Dumbbell-Front raises

Circuit Six
Curl bar- Curls
80lb KB-Deficit Deadlift


Devotional: Passage from Grass Patch
Prayer Request: Whittle Grandmother, WonTons father, Shannon H., Our Country and Schools regarding safety and security.

Announcements: check website, Bike Ride on Sunday on International Drive 2:00pm

Grass Patch led us out in Prayer

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