Passing of the Nant’an Torch

Passing of the Nant’an Torch

Workout Date:



BrownBag, Headgear


Rousey(R), Lombardi (R), Boxcar, Swiper, Baggage, CrossStitch, Voltron (DR-Lexington), Flash, Skidmark, KickSix, Kiwi, Streaker, Jeter, Sleepy(R), Billboard (R), Weasel, Spork, Cuomo(FNG), CheesyBiscuit, Boss(2.0), RalphLauren, Bling, Karma, FirstBase, Pikachu, HoJo, Geno(R), O’Duals, CandyCane, Sade’, Slider, Humpback, Rubber, Surfboard(2.0), Sunshine, BrownBag(R), HotTub(R), SEALBreak(2.0), Headgear, TapOut (pre-ruck only) and Fergie(pre-ruck only)

The Thang:

14 August 2021

AO: Warthog

BrownBag has led the PAX of F3 GrandStrand as Nant’an since January of 2020.  Prior to that, Sunshine led us through 2019 and OneCall led F3 GrandStrand since the planting of the #ShovelFlag at Warthog on 13 June 2015.  Thank you to these High Impact Men for your leadership to the men of F3 GrandStrand.  Your leadership has helped make our community stronger and I am grateful to follow the road that these leaders have built for all of us.  I pray that I can do the same while we Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership!

0445 – YHC is up early…even for a 0600 pre-ruck.  This is partly because of excitement, partly because the weinke still needs to be written and partly because of a late night request for another extra ruck to be added to the mix.   0530, my 2.0, SEALBreak, is up and ready to roll…mostly because an intense nightmare about Chuckie (note: I have not let him watch Chuckie but a commercial during the Olympics had a glimpse of our favorite childhood doll and that was all it took).  Roll into the AO and CheesyBiscuit, Boss(2.0), Fergie, Sade’, TapOut and Swiper join us for a 2.5 mile pre-ruck down to Warbird Park and back.  We spied a solo SaltyGears PAX, BrownBag, rolling down Farrow…he rode all the way from his house in WWP.  Back to the AO and PAX are meeting up.  TapOut and Fergie couldn’t stay for the beatdown and SEALBreak was spent and laying out on the tailgate.

0658 – 2 Minute Warning

0700 – BrownBag kicks off the beatdown with a disclaimer and COP

SSHs x25 IC

ImperialWalkers x25 IC

Merkins x22 IC

Arm Circles and stuff

BrownBag brought CrossStitch out to the middle as he is one of our newer PAX.  Named in Houston and recently moved to the beach.   BrownBag announced the mission of F3 and CrossStitch did his best to repeat it.

Merkins x22 IC

Some other stuff…

0710 – BrownBag hands off the Nant’an torch to YHC as well as the Q.

Mosey to Valor Park and line up at the flags.

PAX will split off into 4 groups for 4-corners

Corner 1 – Squats x25

Corner 2 – Lunges x25 (single count)

Corner 3 – Reverse Lunges x25 (single count)

Corner 4 – Burpees x10

Corner 1 – BBSUs x25

Corner 2 – AmericanHammers x25

Corner 3 – FlutterKicks x25 (4-count)

Corner 4 – Burpees x10

Corner 1 – Merkins x25

Corner 2 – Carolina DryDocks x25

Corner 3 – WideArm Merkins x25

Corner 4 – Burpees x10

PAX back to the Valor Park Flags for some planks and a repeat of the F3 Mission – Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of make community leadership.   We also reviewed the 5 core principals of F3:

1. Free of charge – Never a charge to workout, ever.

2.Open to ALL Men – No matter the man, you are welcome here.

3. Held outdoors –  Rain or shine, heat or chill, we are out there.

4. Peer led – Rotating fashion of men leading each other.

5. Ends with a COT – Always ends in a circle of trust.

It was pretty hot at this point so we moseyed back to the track where the trees provided some shade.

Partner up for Dora

100 BBSUs

125 Merkins (modified from 200)

200 SSHS (modified from 300)

Burpees x15

Time Called for COT and Naming of FNG

Count-O-Rama : 39 (not counting TapOut and Fergie who showed up for the pre-ruck)


Naming of FNG – Colin – works with Spork.  From NY, been here 6 months…it didn’t take long before Cuomo was thrown out there and it stuck.

Prayers – Spoken and Unspoken

Everyone worked hard today.  It was hot and we all pushed hard.   Thank you to all who showed up for the beatdown as well as those for the pre-ruck!   It’s always awesome having DR PAX show up, especially RalphLauren(Shelby) and Voltron(Lexington) who post here so much they might as well be local!  YHC thinking we might see ShamWow(SouthWake) since there was an SC from him while he was running around the lake at #Warthog yesterday but the #fartsack or vacation must have got him.    It was great to have 2.0s, Surfboard, Boss, Slider and SEALBreak with us!  They did awesome!  Boss and SEALBreak even joined in for the pre-ruck!  Thank you to Spork for EH’ing our FNG.  Hope Cuomo keeps coming back out!

As BrownBag mentioned in his email, F3 is a #starfish organization.  We are not top down, instead, we are a group of leaders.   The workouts are free of charge but we will all be called to lead in some fashion, whether it be a Q, an AO, part of the executive committee or a special event.   We are #FreedToLead and it is our duty to pave the next 43 feet for the men behind us.  YHC is looking forward to working together with all of you to continue to fulfill the mission of F3 and to end #SadClownSyndrome!   I call on all of you to let me know when I need to do better and I ask for your prayers as I take on the role of Nant’an!   I am honored to be a part of this group of high impact men and humbled that I have the opportunity to lead our region! Love you guys!

Coffeteria was delivered by my awesome M, Tracy (NotOnPointe to the women of FIA) and my other 2.0s, Isabelle and Adeline.   Big thank you to them for getting out of the house Saturday morning to pick up the donuts and coffee and delivering them!

-Headgear out!


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