Peking Duck Day

Peking Duck Day

Workout Date:





OneCall, Nails, MyPleasure, Lombardi, Bling, Boxcar, Hoser, SpinalTap, Fergie, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: WaveRucker

Conditions: 51 Degrees, Clear, Windy, felt liked about 46 degrees. A nice change from some of the colder weather we have had recently.

WaveRucker routinely attracts about 8 or so PAX and we have seen numbers tick up lately as the F3 GrandStrand PAX are getting excited (or at least curious) about GrowRuck 22.  This can be an intimidating AO to Q at since the regulars do such a great job at bringing the beatdown, tribute or theme of the day and more recently, teaching about what to expect at a GORUCK Challenge type event such as GrowRuck.   Anyway, YHC has been MIA lately with all sorts of excuses, some valid and some not, so it was time to jump back on the Q sheet!   A quick Google search of “Seek Pain” and the GORUCK website pops up…great!  Cadre DS has been posting videos for the Sandbag and Ruck Training workouts so lets go there for ideas.  Ruck workout?  The Ruck Based Selection Training Program on military is designed to prepare candidates for Green Beret and Delta selection and it is full of running and I know the WaveRucker PAX love to run so we’ll start off with a good fast paced run.

The Thang:

Rucks & bags

To the bridge

Drop bags and rucks

Waiting for My Pleasure we stretched and did continuous Side Straddle Hops while he took his time walking to the bridge.

Flutter Kicks x40 (4 count)

Run fast ½ lap around the lake.


Kodiak (Modified) – 6 Minutes AMRAP – We got 2 rounds in which was less than I thought but the bear crawls were longer than originally planned.

-Ruck lateral Lunges x12

-Ruck Bear Crawl to the top of the bridge (to first light for round 2)

-Ruck American Twists x12

-Ruck Crawl Bear Back Down the bridge / Bear Crawl from 1st light (for round 2)


Ruck fast ½ lap around the lake.


Sandbag Samurai (modified) 2 Rounds

-Sandbag Rows x6 

-Burpee Squats x6. (All the way Down, little jump, perfect squat)

-Mountain Climbers x6. (4 count)

-Ruck GetUps x6 


Ruck and Bag ½ lap.


Robbie Miller (Modified) 2 rounds

Sandbag (or Ruck) pull through x8

Ruck Flutter Kicks x8 (4 count)

Sandbag Clean x8 (60/40).


Ruck 1.5 laps around the lake staying together.


Total Mileage: 4 Miles

Made it back to the parking lot just in time.

Announcements: Quaker on Q at BombSquad tomorrow with Rousey on Q for the Saturday BombSquad Workout.  These will be light ruck workouts so come on out!

Jan 30, Valvano, OneCall and Bling will be hosting a 2 hour ruck training from 0500-0700 followed by a ruck beatdown from 0700-0800 at Warthog.  We have 17 HCs so far.  This will be a great introduction to rucking and the GrowRuck event.

Next FreedToBleed is March 2nd.  Everyone, EH at least one other donor.

Write your backblasts.  There is a new channel for them in Slack.  This helps Rousey keep our stats and it helps newer PAX as they get ready for their VQ.

Prayers – Sick PAX, Traveling PAX, our country.

Great work by all!  Bling and I learned from Lombardi that we missed National Peking Duck day and missed a great opportunity to do duck walks but I wasn’t sure if my knee would be ready for duck walks so we’ll celebrate another time.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead!


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