Playground Beatdown at The Village

Playground Beatdown at The Village

Workout Date:





Crankbait (QIC), Boxcar, Skidmark, Flyover, Brownbag, War Eagle, Rocky Top, El Redcardo, Beefsteak

The Thang:

It was a brisk morning as 9 Village Pax rolled up for a Friday beatdown.  With another hurricane in our rearview mirror, all Pax were ready to get the weekend started with some hard work in the gloom.

1 minute warning

Full disclaimer given

Warmed up with:

SSH IC x20

Merkins OYO x 20

Imperial Walkers IC x 15

Windmills IC x 15

TTT IC x 15

Merkins OYO x 20

LBAC Forward IC x 15

LBAC Reverse IC x 15

Merkins OYO x 20

Tempo Squats x 15 Low and Slow


We moseyed over to the playground for some partner work.  While one pax ran a lap from the playground around the light pole near Hwy 17, the other pax exercised.  Then flip-flop.  All reps were cumulative for the following:

  • 50 Pull-ups, 50 Burpees
  • 100 Dips, 100 Merkins
  • 150 Step-ups, 150 Squats
  • 100% effort was given by all pax


We then moseyed over to the Coupon holding area and picked up a block.  Props to Flyover for choosing the big one.  The rest of us chose moderate-to-severe pain with the medium sized cinderblock.  We then performed AMRAP partner work again.  One pax ran to the end of the lot and back, while the other exercised.

  • AMRAP deadlift, curl to overhead press with the coupon x 5 minutes

We then moseyed back to the imaginary shovel flag for Thunderstruck.  Circled up.

  • Thunderstruck played through the air while all Pax held 6 inches.  At each “Thunder” we performed a 4 count flutter kick.  4 minutes of pain ensued and many sweat angels were left on the pavement.

Time Called

Count-o-rama = 9


No announcements today.  Thankful for Friday and the upcoming weekend.

Prayers were sent to the skyQ for all of the victims of the recent Hurricanes across the southeast.  Prayers for Boxcar’s wife’s good friend recently diagnosed with cancer.  Prayers for all pax and their families.


Always an honor to be a part of this thing we call F3.  Our pax are getting better and making the region better every day!

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