Post Run Paradise

Post Run Paradise

Workout Date:





Sunshine, Jeter, Doughboy, CandyCane, Quaker (R), McCormick, SingleBarrel (R), Drifter, BillyBlanks (2.0), CrossStitch, CropDuster, Pikachu, OneCall, RockyTop, BeefSteak, Lombardi (R), Bling, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:


Conditions:  Hot. Humid. 

BombSquad on Saturdays is known for their pre-runs and YHC got wind of several PAX planning for 8 miles. One of those PAX who will remain nameless (TinyDancer) checked in as I was planning out the Q. He wanted to be sure their legs wouldn’t be smoked. Luckily, I had a strong core and merkin themed beatdown planned. YHC pre-ran with Pikachu, McCormick, CrossStitch and BillyBlanks and got 2 miles in. We spotted Quaker and Sunshine out in the pre-gloom and they got 5.5 miles. CandyCane, BeefSteak and Drifter got 8 miles in! Bling, OneCall and Lombardi rucked and met us for COT. Spork and ERC swam a mile and met us for Coffeeteria! Hopefully this beatdown delivered!

1 Minute Warning



Slow Mosey

Harry Rockettes x15 IC

Merkins x22 IC

SSH x15 IC

Windmills x15 IC

TTT x15 IC


Alternating Side Lunge x20 IC

Lunge Stretch Routine

Burpees x10 OYO

Mosey to pick up blocks then behind the church

Partner up for Sandbag/Block Doras

100 PeterParker Merkins

200 ShoulderTap (2CT Single Count)

300 Mountain Climbers (2CT Single Count)

Partner will BentOverRow w/ Sandbag/Weight x20 or Block x40

FlutterKicks x50 IC

Knees to Chest x15 IC

FlutterKicks x40 IC

Box cutters x15 IC

FlutterKicks x30 IC

Heels to Heaven x15 IC

FlutterKicks x20 IC

ToeTouches x15 IC

FlutterKicks x10 IC

Drop off coupons and mosey to the Shovel Flag

BreakDance Merkin x10 IC


Time Called. 

Announcements – FreedToBleed on June 30th – register now at   2ndF Pelicans Game on June 30th – See Slack for details or harass Jeter or Shoeless.  

Prayers – For McCormick and all PAX Struggling with something.   Lombardi led us out. 

In F3, we are blessed to have men around us that can hold us accountable and help us get closer to God, become better husbands and fathers and just better people all around.  We all need help at some point and as Dredd said, “the man you help will be the man who helps you.”  It’s an honor to lead the #HIM of F3GS and it was an honor to lead this group today. Thank you to those that adjusted their schedules and workouts to meet us for COT and Coffeeteria. There is a reason you were there today. And just when you think the beatdown is tough, you find men around you that ran 8 miles, men that swam a mile, men that put weight on their backs and met up for COT.  Keep it up men and keep us all getting better.  

-Headgear out!!!!