Potential mugging reported at Warthog- story to follow……

Potential mugging reported at Warthog- story to follow……

Workout Date:





Bling, One Call, Varsity, Geppetto, Lombardi, Ralph Lauren

The Thang:

Weather- freezing.  I think Geppetto (brother in law) brought this frigid forecast from PA- just another reason to yell at him.  Grabbed some hitcher at 5:05 (One Call literally off the street- looking sexy as always) and Geppetto, One Call and yours truly pulled into AO at 5:25 as the 1st car in.  Lombardi followed and Varsity joined as the 1 Minute announcement was made.  Disclaimer given- lets roll.

22 Merkins for the Vets- (was going to do this IC, but Varsity was already on merkin #3 before I even got into position!  soooooo, OYO for these!)

20 Bragg Cherry Pickers IC

20 SSH- IC

15 Arm Circles, both forward & backwards IC

20 Carolina DD- IC

Wind was tough out there- we had to get to the parking garage and under cover.  Gave the PAX the option of either a mosey or Indian Run- our fearless AO leader Lombardi made the quick decision to Mosey, soooooo, we mosey over to the garage, entrance by PF Chang.

1 minute wall sit

30 second hand-stand hold against the wall.  this was a new move- funny watching everyone “trying to get it up”

Level up work next.

run to the next parking level- 20 squats.  next level, 20 LBC, next level, 20 Amer hammer, final level (outside!) 20 SSH.  planked on the 6 (Varsity, but of course!). When I finally made it up last, we did 20 Flutters IC

Level down work

start at the top and go on reverse- this time doing 40 for each exercise.  plank on the 6 at the bottom (Varsity-    but with a ever-so-close One Call on his tail.  This would lead to issues later…..). 40 Flutters together IC- nice push by all.  10 count to catch breath…….lets move on!

Mosey to the fountain/pool for a quick DORA as it was close to 0600.

since we had 5 (currently) I, as Q, gracefully volunteered to do this solo!

partner #1- 100 step ups by the fountain.  partner #2- run the square around the park.

(so as we are doing this, One-Call, Lombardi and I notice another person running to catch up with Varsity ((good luck there!)).  I thought it was some drunken fool stumbling out of King Street- and going to attack our boy!  we stood there and watched in amazement/horror for a few seconds, until….. we find out its Ralph Lauren!)

he was late getting to the AO- made up some lame excuse about car trouble??  He joined us for the last few minutes as we finished up the 100 step ups.  we finished with 50 Burpees/Run with a renewed energy seeing our boy from Shelby.  One Call finished up by coughing up 1/4 lung with some green slime- a sight to see!

mosey to Flag, as Varsity told us it was 6:10.  Finished with 50 Flutter IC as a team.

announcements, prayer (from Geppetto) and went on our separate ways to tackle the day.  Always, always a privilege to lead these boys and appreciate them all getting up early (and for Ralph Lauren who must have gotten an extra 10minutes) to join.


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