Powerful and Mighty EM

Powerful and Mighty EM

Workout Date:





Boxcar, One Call, Lombard (respect), Billboard (respect), Huey, Hoser, Bling

The Thang:

Stardate- Jan 31st, 2022 (dang- Jan is over already!) 0500

Locale- Crown Reef Resort.

Valvano and Boxcar finally let me Q again (since we got kicked off of Grande Dunes bridge!) and since Headgear was away and not hogging all the Q’s……  Decided we would make the trek back to Crown Reef and the dreaded concrete stairwells, site of epic past beatdowns, homeless roaming the halls, and smells of pee….and Huey.  such a great place!  Put the notice out on Slack- got a great HC from Huey- yeah!  Didnt know until prayers that his wife Jess is due…..TODAY!!  WTH are you doing out with us climbing stairs??  HA!

YOP bus left at 0430 to make the 30 minute drive to Crown Reef, last ones there as Huey, BB and Hoser were waiting patiently in their car. to not get hit with that ocean breeze coming in hard at -5 degrees!  Grabbed rucks and sandbags and stood out of the wind for a 2 minute warning waiting on any latecomers….V??  huh.

Here we go- ruck and bag up and walk to far end of hotel to the bottom of stairs- about 125 yards estimating.

Round 1- rucks only.  All the way to the top (11 flights, but with the L and G levels, its just over 13 levels) and back down.  Drop ruck and mosey to end of garage (the 125 yards and back) and back, grab ruck for:

15 curls

15 tris

15 press- pick up 6.

Round 2- no rucks.  Up to top, when you hit level 8, skip a step to level 11.  back down and same mosey to end of garage.

20 curls

20 tris

20 press

Round 3- rucks on and partner up in 2’s.  (I was solo and should have made groups of 3 and 4 as this was brutal). grab a sandbag between the partners and make it all the way up and down, switching sandbags whenever needed.  this was tough and everyone made it thru.  drop rucks and bags and mosey to end of garage (yes, again)

25 curls

25 tris

25 press

Noting that PAX were smoked (except Boxcar), I added in a ruck walk/rest for about 5 minutes to let everyone grab their breath (and the Defibrillator for me and OC!).  0543- just enough time for 1 more flight.  As I had planned a devotional at end, wanted to leave a little more fellowship/prayer time this am.

So- back up with no rucks and back down.  I believe I speak for the group in saying our legs had put in the work today!  grab everything and everybody and find a spot we can sit for a few minutes.  Read a devotional last night that was perfect for me- and hopefully everyone else.  I will attach to the BB in Slack.  Also heard this in service yesterday and wanted to make a point thru prayer with the PAX.  “Our God is a powerful and mighty God- so make your prayers powerful and mighty”.  Prayers this am included:

BC. Mother Sandy in hospital with Covid.

Huey and Jess expecting!!   also he has friends with Covid battle

Billboard and family

One Call and family

Lombardi and family

Appreciate PAX sharing together about whats going on in their lives.  We are a Brotherhood!  Tried to give a “powerful and mighty” prayer to close us out.

as always, enjoy leading men in workout and devotionals- appreciate each of you.


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