Pre-Cycle at Warthog

Pre-Cycle at Warthog

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Blush, Whittle, Run Off, Grass Patch, Skimmer, Weedeater, Billboard, Studebaker, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

Convergence Pre-Cycle
This was a huge day for the entire region so I started early trying to get the MB cycle guys and the Conway cycle guys in the same spot. We had a pretty solid turn out with a total of 10 PAX cycling.
Around 5:20 everyone started rolling in and gathered around to discuss what our route would be. Before taking off we also discussed if we needed to perform a field sobriety test on Weedeater before heading out, we decided to let him ride and enjoy the show like good friends should do.
We took off on our normal route and decided to head toward the CCMF and go around it somehow to get to the parking garage. Everyone had their own pace and the PAX out front would loop back around every now and then to keep the group together. We took a quick detour out to 17 and took our life in our own hands to get around the CCMF barricades but made it to the big parking garage to get a great view of the sun beginning to rise over the beach and snap a quick pic.
The PAX covered between 15 and 17 miles and had great fellowship along the entire route. Great to have so many PAX out before a beatdown.

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