Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits

Workout Date:





Hedgehog, Killian, Pikachu, O’Doules, Single Barrel, Hojo, 1st Base, Sade’, Kiwi, Rousey, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Caltapult

Conditions: 56 degrees, cool & calm

It been a while since YHC had the privilege of Qing at Catapult, so I was pumped! I wanted to give the PAX something different; use the coupons in a unique way and possibly work muscles we don’t normally work.

I put together 2 workouts, one for an even number of Pax in which we could pair up and a second workout for threesomes if the numbers allowed it. I thought I thought of everything as I put pen to paper the night before to rough out the Wienke, but never considered that some numbers are not divisible for 2 or by 3 (i.e. “Prime Numbers” which are only divisible by 1 or themselves).

As luck would have it, 11 Pax posted this morning and 11 is prime! We sure could have used Candy Cane (who had a vehicle issue) or Texas Ranger (who HC yesterday & but had family obligations this morning). The Workouts I put together were somewhat complicated, but I knew it would be no issue for the Catapultiers (not a misspelling), however, weren’t these the same guys who had difficulty counting last week at BombSquad? We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Anyways, the original workouts were put on the shelf for a later date, & I modified accordingly.

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – “Welcome to Catapult, my name is Quaker & I am not a professional.” “We’re all out here to get better, so push yourself and the man next to you, but don’t hurt yourself or anyone else.” “Modify as necessary.”

“Oh, yeah . . . you can’t sue me, F3, or the church!”

COP: 20 Hairy Rockets IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Windmills IC; 15 Merkins IC; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 Hillbillies IC; 15 Merkins IC; 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC; 15 Merkins

Mosey to the Large Parking Lot . . .as we mosey’d past the Cross, O’Doules sidled up to YHC and whispered, “We got a solid group, give them a push.” . . . Message received loud and clear!!

First things first, we needed to loosen up our legs for the main event!


Pain’t The Lines – all PAX followed YHC as we traced the parking lot lines on the Large Parking Lot with a variety of exercises.

  1. Mosey
  2. Back Pedal
  3. Karaoke Left
  4. Karaoke Right
  5. Tin Soldier with a Hop
  6. Bearcrawl down the center stripe right past the drainage grate. . . .Pikachu pointed out that this was excellent timing for a bearcrawl because the gravel/rocks/pebbles are most abundant right here! YHC always aims to please.
  7. Mosey’d
  8. Back Pedaled
  9. Karaoke Right
  10. Karaoke Left

We then left the lines and mosey to the far corner of the Back Parking Lot just in front of the grass that leads to the Coupon Pile. Pax were instructed to pair up. One Pax would retrieve a Cinder Block and the other Pax would retrieve 2 Pavers. The 11th Pax, Kiwi, was instructed to retrieve a Cinder Block, too.

We then lined up on the south side of the Back Parking Lot.

Clear concise instructions were given to the PAX . . . Kiwi was the Pace Car and would do 20 Curls OYO as every other PAX would push their Coupons (a Cinder Block or 2 Pavers) down the parking lot until Kiwi finished his reps and caught the other PAX.

Snail Trails:

Sade’ took off pushing like he had a charge of gunpowder in him that needed to go off! (See Far & Away starring Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman for reference). He pushed his block all the way to the far corner before YHC realized that ½ the PAX didn’t understand the clear instructions as they did curls at the start & walked down the lot without their coupons.

Let’s re-group and mosey back to the start and try it all over again. This time the rep count was 15 Curls and the Pax were instructed to only push their coupons to the light post just before the entrance to the Youth Parking Lot (approximately 50 yds).

After each push, the Pace Car picked a new Pace Car and the Pax who were pushing a Cinder Block switched with their partner and pushed 2 Pavers and visa’versa.  At each transition, the Pace care was instructed to perform a different exercise with the Block.

We pushed our coupons in 50 yrd segments from the south end of the back parking lot  to the north end, then we pushed it to the southwest corner of the Large Parking Lot; then to the southeast end of the Large Parking Lot. We then continued to push our blocks incrementally around the Large Parking Lot from corner to corner and finally all the way back to where we started.

Pace Car ……………………………Exercise

Kiwi     ……………………………… 15 Curls

Rousey …………………………….  15 Overhead Press

Hojo  ……………………………….. 15 Triceps Extensions

Single Barrel …………………….. 15 Overhead Press

Sade ………………………………… 15 Block Squats

Pikachu ……………………………….15 Bent Over Rows

O’Doules …………………………….. 15 Curls

Killian …………………………………. 15 Triceps Extensions

We pushed our Coupons, ourselves, and our fellow Pax approximately 500 yards

When we reached the starting line once more, we racked the coupons. At this point it would have been proper to circle up in front of the flag cool down & stretch, but YHC planned a final push.

All PAX were instructed to line up on the west side of the Shovel Flag Parking Lot for some Wind Sprints (C’mon Man!!)

Jello Sprints

3-2-1 Sprint 75% to the handicap ramp half-way down the parking lot . . . it felt like our legs would fall off, they were twitching & wobbling; they literally felt like jello  . . .but the day was not down . . .  time to line back up!

3-2-1 Sprint 75% back to the starting line . . . 5 count

3-2-1 Sprint 100% to the ramp . . . “$5.00 to any Pax who can beat Sade’”  . . . Pikachu lost by a hair, it must have been Sade’s secret weapons (his perfectly smooth, aerodynamic, shaved legs!!)

Mary:  15 Flutter Kicks IC

5 minutes of Stretching

5:55 – Time Called (We’re on ‘O’Doules Time’)



Announcements: GrowRuck this weekend; Freed to Bleed – May 12th; BlackDog Ultra Race beginning of June (10, 12, or 14 hours – how far can you run?); 3rd Week of June – Spartan Race – Fayetteville, NC; VQ for Hedgehog at the end of May.

Alternative BackBlast Titles: Snail Trails & Q Fails; Your Catapult Privileges Have Been Revoked; We Hate Quaker

Moleskin: Everyone did a great job this morning & pushed it in more ways than one. It was great meeting Hedgehog & Killian. There is always great comradery and energy at the Catapult and I can’t wait to get back on the Q sheet. The question is, however, will I be allowed to Q here ever again?

Prayers by YHC: Prayers for Sade’s Nana, prayers unspoken.





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