Workout Date:





WWW (Respect, Apex), Hamburgler, OneCall, Cheetah (2.0), Kitten

The Thang:

AO: ThePitStop

Conditions: Feels like 51 per Steve (Jobs), Clear

YHC arrived to the AO at 7:20.  As the PAX showed up, Kitten tried to recruit #sadclowns among the residents of ND to join us but they declined.  As he did, YHC realized the planned Q would need to be modified to fit the AO.

1 Minute Warning.



SSH x25

Little Baby Arm Circles x20

Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles x20

Overhead Press x20

Chinooks x20

Through the Tunnel x20

Windmills x15

Beat down

11s – down the parking lot with Burpees and Bobby Hurleys

Partner up for AMRAPs and Running the Parking Lot Loop.

OneCall and WWW

Kitten and Cheetah

Hamburgler and Headgear

Many Rounds to include: Step Ups, Burpees, Bobby Hurleys, Merkins, Shoulder Taps, Planks, LBCs, BBs, Flutter Kicks, Six Inches, High Knees, and repetition of the above.

Closing – PAX Circled up and each PAX called out an excercise.




WWW encouraged PAX to stick with the AO.  They have something similar in Apex with a constant PAX attendance.

Prayer request for Kitten and Cheetah as they will be traveling.


Moleskin: YHC’s first post at the AO.  Did not know what to fully expect and grossly underestimated the abilities of the PAX and overestimated the time the warm up and beat down would take.  YHC then proceeded to modify on the fly to present a respectable challenge to the PAX.  Kitten and Cheetah ran circles around the PAX.  #SadClowns chose not to join the PAX, even as OneCall tried vailently to add to our numbers but several watched us.  Hamburgler planned to post twice this morning but having missed the first post, asked YHC to step it up so he could get a proper workout in. WWW introduced the PAX to a new core excercise, Canoes.  Cheetah also introduced a new run-in-place SSH excercise.

YHC had a good time.  Hope the beat down was satisfactory for the PAX.

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