Race Prep Continues

Race Prep Continues

Workout Date:





Grass Patch, Bluegrass, MudSlide, Whittle, Wonton, Etch-A-Sketch, Tag Team, Run Off

The Thang:

The weather conditions were more typical of a pre-spring dawn: 43 degrees and mid-range humidity.

The Pre-Run: Bluegrass, Mudslide, Etch-A-Sketch, and YHC rolled off the Rock Lot at 04:45 for a range of 2-3 miles depending on your pace and goals. When YHC got back to the AO he noticed that Woton and GrassPatch had snuck in and gotten some mileage under their belt as well. There could have been more who ran early. That is what Riviera Pax do. We go the extra mileage without being asked.

One Minute Warning was issued

Disclaimer was given: if you can answer the question, “But did you die?” then you cannot sue F3.

The COP consited of 50 In Cadence Side Straddle Hops.

     Mosey over to the C3 Coffee Bar sign by going around the block.

Thang #1: Super Sevens

  • Round One: Perform 1 Merkin and 1 Big Boy, followed by 2 Merkins and 2 Big Boys…until you have completed 7 Merkins and 7 Big Boys. (Plank on the Six)
  • Round Two:  Perform 1 OH Squat (hands raised high) and 1 Carolina Dry Dock, followed by 2 OH Squats and 2 Carolina Dry Docks…until you have completed 7 OH Squats and 7 CDD. (Plank on the Six)
  • Round Three: #corwdpleaser : Perform 1 Burpee and 1 Trukish Getup, followed by 2 Burpees and 2 Turkish Getups…until you have completed 7 Burpees an 7 Turkish Get ups. (Plank on the Six)

     Mosey over to the Big Lots Front Exterior Wall

Thang #2: Partner Up

  • Round One: Partner A does a head stand it heals against the wall while partner B sprints out to the planter on 501 (about a 100yards one way). When Partner B returns, Partner A gets to run. Repeat this until each man has run four times out and back.
  • Round Two: Parnter A holds Al Gore while Partner B runs out and back to 501. Flapjack and repeat until each man has ran 4 times.
  • Round Three: Partner A holds a high plank while Partner B pushes (with great force) on his shoulders in the following way. In cadence push on left (1) push on right (2) push on him back toward his feet (3) that is 1 count. Perform these in cadence until you get 20 for each man. This exercise, when performed correctly will activly engage the core of the planker. This recruits muscles that are typically left out of planking due to the need to maintain form and stability.
  • Round Four was canceled due to lack of interest. According to the #weinke partner A was to perform monkey humpers while Partner B kicked him in the taint from behind. This was designed by YHC to prepare PAX for the bicycle portion of the Swamp Fox AR. You have to toughen up your taint. Alas, this exercise was skipped. Next time.

Mosey back to the shovelflag for Mary

  • Hurricane Hoedown x20 IC
  • 20 Big Boys OYO



  • Runoff is hosting a new 3rdF opportunity on the first and third Mondays at 6:30pm. Location is at The Hardee Insurance Office at 3590 Hwy 501 West, Conway, SC 29526
  • There will be an inagural International Drive Road Race held on April 29. This event will feature a 5K, 10K, and 1 Mile fun run for Hoser. Both the 5K and 10K will be USATF certified and sanctioned. So basically that means you cannot cheat the clock and mail it in like they do down at #warthog. You can use the coupon code “medals2018” to get a discount.  See Buegrass if you have questions.

3rdF Word of the day:

In Exodus 18 Moses is renunited with his family after going down to Egypt and leading the Israelites out of slavery. He is met by his Father-in-law, wife, and sons. Moses had sent her home to her father while he went down to Egypt. On the second day of their reunification, Jethro asks Moses “why are you working from sun up to sun down?” Moses replied, “I’m doing God’s work of being a judge over these people.” Jethro responded, “What you are doing is not good. You will wear yourself out. You need to train people to do what you do.” ALL THE WHILE, Moses’ father-in-law is standing there with his daughter and grandsons. Sometimes, we need to be called out for putting work before our family–even if that work is ministry related.

The takeaway, multiply your efforts by building into others so that you can keep the main thing the main thing. You CANNOT DO THIS ALONE. YOU NEED TO INVEST IN OTHER MEN.

CHeck out all of Exodus 18 for more.


Until nextime.

Proceed with Integrity,






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