Rain = No Pax 😔

Rain = No Pax 😔

Workout Date:



Pikachu, Rockytop


See Above

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Temperature: 47 degrees and rain free for 45 minutes

Well this was my First full workout as the new #Catapult AOQ. And yes men, I still put my pants on one leg at a time. Lol. Oh I crack me up. In reading and understanding the F3 principals, one being rain or shine, hmm. Anyway, We still have a great group of men that I love working out with and wish I saw more of them. Looks like it will be up to me to get out more to other AO’s. But #Catapult needs a regular face for now, so someday.  #Catapult is lucky to have a dry place to work out in. I’m not down for getting soaked but a light rain isn’t a big deal. Either way, this am the rain stopped for exactly 45 minutes.

I thought I was flying solo today and was prepared to do so but Rockytop saved the day at 5:29. Sweet. Perfect timing. We talked for a brief minute and Rockytop wanted to do a leg workout and so we developed the workout on the fly. Best kind!

COT can it be a circle with just two??. More like the ROT, Rectangle of trust.

15 SSH IC, 15 IW IC, 15 Temp Squats IC, mosey to corner and 25 Lunge walks OYO.

Now we mosey. We do one lap around the AO, so we kept going and do a second lap and well I said if we do three it’s about a Mile so we did a mile to get things going. Then we stopped at the invisible shovel flag to start our leg workout.

Rockytop, One set of 30 Squats OYO then run a lap around the AO church which is approximately 1/4 mile, Repeat once more,

Pikachu, Hold Squat sit for 15 seconds rest for five seconds, Hold as close to 90 degrees. Any deeper you defeat the purpose of a squat. QUAD BURNER!!! repeat six times, then the  1/4 mile mosey.

Rockytop, Mosey to Coupon pile and grab two blocks. Hold one block in each hand above head and complete 20 squats. Get you some of that. Mosey a 1/4 mile lap x 2 sets.

Mosey today was approximately 2.25 miles and a bunch of squats. Great leg day. They are still sore writing this up.

ok time

Get in a quad stretch, don’t need to stretch out hammies guys, need to counter the over stretched hammies with a quad stretch..

Count o Rama

Name o Rama

Announcements. Dragon Boat in April. See brown bag or Quaker. Need 20 guys and so far have six.

Get on the Q sheet at Catapult. Numbers are low and Qs are wide open and we always want new ideas.

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