RBF – Rucks, Bags and fellowsh… Well Rucks and Bags

RBF – Rucks, Bags and fellowsh… Well Rucks and Bags

Workout Date:





Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: WaveRucker

Conditions: Cool 59 degrees and clear

The Q sheet was blank so I put my name in accepting that since no one had stepped up to Q, numbers could be small to non-existent but then there was some discrepancy. Apparently, Penelope had stated he would take the Q but either never filled out the Q sheet or thought he filled it out and left it blank. With a little back and forth, I kept the Q. Penelope put out a ”most likely” that he would be there. Hoser will be working at that time. Fergie scheduled himself in Florence so he wouldn’t have to endure a WaveRucker workout after seeing what GR Selection had in store. Kiwi was coming back from NYC but ”may be there”. OneCall working early…again. CandyCane with the HC.

Sounds good. Let’s go. Plan was for heavy rucks and sandbags. GR Selection participants had to carry 60/80 lb sandbags along with their rucks down the beach for a timed ruck.

CandyCane sent a text at 0417 backing out because the fartsack got him! Wow. Is it even worth showing up now?

Pulled into the empty parking lot at 0420. As 0430 rolled around, the parking lot was still empty. Hmmm….go to Bombsquad or Oyster or stay here. I only had my rucking boots and I wanted to carry the sandbag so I took my ruck and 60 lbr and went around the lake. I had the 80 and my extra weight for the ruck but being on my own, the motivation wasn’t there. did one lap and with the distance from the parking lot included, came in at 1.35 miles. I stopped at the playground to do 10 sets of bent arm hangs to help prepare for the upcoming Spartan races.

Time called early.


As I carried the bag around the lake, I wondered if having so many PAX around me at workouts is just my imagination. Maybe I’m always out here on my own but don’t know it. I also then thought about the Truman Show and wondered if everyone is really just a set full of actors and they had the day off. Usually there are a few people walking or jogging but it wasn’t until I was almost done with the lap that I saw anyone.

Back to reality. Anytime, you pick up an empty Q, the week of the beatdown, you have to accept that you might be the only one that can make it to that beatdown or else someone else should have picked it up by then. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take it, but you should try and round up some PAX to join you. That is part of taking the Q. Direct texts and phone calls work best to get some HCs. I have found that this goes for any activity as a group. Don’t ever take it personally. In the Concentrica, a man’s M and 2.0s come first. There are a lot of things going on in our lives to not jump right into committing to an event, whether it be a beatdown, 2nd F, 3rd F, CSAUP or something else so the direct communication works better than a post on Slack or a group text. Now, on the other hand, if you are just being lazy, then Get Right and get after it.