Republic vs. The Shaker

Republic vs. The Shaker

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Bling, Bluegrass, Mudslide, Pert Plus, Straplock, Sidework, Big Wheels,

The Thang:

Well, well, well.  The Weasel finally got authority from the Executive Board (after many written requests and filibusters) to edit the Q Sheet and sign up for Q’s.  So, after Mother Nature taking the Village away last week, next up was The Republic in the sleepy town of Conway.  Weather- 27 and down right brisk.

Made a nice post on Twitter to rattle some Conway cages, worked well as both Bluegrass and Pert reply!  then I get a text from Flop last night wanting some of the Weasel action!  (won’t mention the text at 0400, something about a “cough”??  Flop- please see Flu for remedies)

Checked in at 0500 to scout out the grounds, as I hadn’t been here for a few months.  Saw some benches, walls, small park area, and lots of side streets- Q written/made up then and there.  Bluegrass completed his run, Mudslide slid in, Big Wheels, and the other boys came to join the party.  5:14, 1 minute warning given.

walked under the Water Tower for 5:15- lets roll.  Disclaimer given, Pert strolled up and planted the Republic flag, we circle up.

22 Merkins IC to honor our Vets

10 LBC OYO and recover

20 Imperial Walkers IC


20 LBC OYO and recover

20 Arm Circles front IC

20 Overhead Claps IC

20 Arm Circles

30 LBC OYO and recover

20 Thru Tunnel IC

20 Carolina DD IC

40 LBC OYO and recover.  Solid work by all

Mosey down towards the river at the park entrance, I saw a few benches there pulling in- Great spot for 11’s!

10 Dips/1 Derkin = 11 reps.  Scale down the dips and increase the Derkins until completion- plank on the 6.

line up for Indian run (wanted to get to the small park/square a block from Main st.  Made our way around on Elm, thanks to my local PAX from Conway!  Dont leave the back until the runner in front made it to the lead.

At the park we stopped at the bleachers, where, for some reason, there was a 60lb sandbag??  Huh.?  Cool, lets use this for our DORA.  7 of us, odd number, damn.  SO, we modify.  1st time Group DORA called out, got a few suggestions from the PAX on how to handle.  Needed to complete:

100 squats

100 merkins

100 SSH- all the while 1 PAX is running/walking around the square with the sandbag.  Worked out great as we all completed the 300 reps with all of us carrying.  (100 merkins was smoking)

circled back up for shoulder presses- with 1 person lifting the sandbag for 10 reps, then passing on.  70 shoulder presses later, we all were hearing groans, me included.

Bluegrass gave me the 5:47 timing, all working out perfectly to complete.  There is a great brick wall right there- so, why not wall sit.  Get close boys, as I lined up the 6 of them.  sit, hold the sandbag for 2-3 secs, and pass down the line.  I got at the end of the line, and waited for the bag- as all the PAX handed the 60 pounder to each other, once it made it back to Bluegrass (about 1 min) we recovered.  As if our shoulders weren’t sore enough, lets try and handstand against the wall for a few seconds.  great work by all that tried, this is a tough move!

3 minutes left, time to head back to flag.  line up, sandbag in the front.  slow mosey as the sandbag gets passed overhead to the end of the line- then that person runs bag up to front- repeat to flag.  We circled up, I had to grab my phone, so the PAX had to do 50 LBC OYO.  Time.

announcements, prayers, my thanks for leading, fist pumps, etc.  Great morning at the Republic, will be back soon.  OUT


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