JudeeChop – The Return

JudeeChop – The Return

Workout Date:





Peach, Podcast, Picasso, Vitamin D, Beaker (Timeshare AOQ), High Interest (1st F Q) and One-Call (Nantan)

The Thang:

Rule number 1 of Fight Club….  But because of the requirement of providing a back blast so PAX can get their coveted Iron Flag extra credit, here it is…

PAX learned basic boxing strikes and practiced high percentage escapes/counters (2) from headlock-choke.  Other details have been redacted.  All PAX were a quick study!

As advertised, high energy-low impact IR friendly alternative to a typical bootcamp.  If you want to play, come to the next JudeeChop session at BombSquad.  See the recent F3 Grandstrand newsletter for details on times & places of JC and 2.0 friendly workouts.

You’ll learn something practical and get to see Podcast and Peach morph from nice guys into trained weapons of destruction!

Honor to Q!



Psalm 144:1: Blessed be the Lord Jehovah who teaches my hands for war and my fingers for battle!

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