Return to the gloom….

Return to the gloom….

Workout Date:





Hall Pass (Respect), Manziel, Quicksand

The Thang:

Conditions: Clear 70 ish perfect

YHC has been down all week with some form of flying elvis condition that rendered me idle to be of any use in the gloom!
Not fun or enjoyable needless to say but said anyway, cause I am complaining I missed the gloom for those said events!

Return to the gloom
YHC was bound, finally, and determined to make my Q and made the evening plug to the boys of Timeshare with multiple HC’s. To my delight it would be perfect conditions with 100% chance of pain and several pax to enjoy!

Headed out of the homestead toward the AO with shovel flag, AO H sign & Ruck in tow, I cautiously reviewed my weinke. Cautiously. With plenty planned it needed reviewed for the lucky HIM taking the red pill and showing up for the pain.

Arriving first, finishing up hydration plus a rockin tune to set the previously fartsacked mind right, Manziel, our newly added Pax rolled up, Nice! Always cool to watch the newly added anxious to get in on the goods!

The planning included my Ruck sack cause, well sometimes you have to put forth extra pain to gain, so there you have it. Quicksand also brought his Ruck greatish minds think alike. We missed our Monday Ruckin Stud Muffin beatdown so it had to be part of the pain.

Enough… onward to the Thing.

All arrived on time
Time called 06:00
Disclaimer given
1st exercise

22 Merkins to honor the 22 vets who commit suicide daily- this number is staggering to Yhc.
25 SSH
20 Smurf Jacks
15 TTT
20 IW
20 LBAC Fwd & Rev
Mosey around the block to horseshoe ( Hallpass w/ flag in tow )
I enjoy the responses we receive when carrying the banner of our Freedom through the beatdowns

11’s ( with ruck 30lb on )
Dips on one wall
Step ups on the other

Mosey around the block past ducks to the beach access Loo
Manziel took the Ruck from Quicksand for extra pain.

4 corners short mosey between but still corner work was done

2 rounds
15 then 20 reps of each

Sumo squats
Floyd Maywether’s
Flutter kicks

Mosey down 2 blocks Rucks on

Dora in car park
200 LBC’s
150 Carolina DD
100 FK’s

Mosey back to AO

Toy soldier down & butt kick back

Rounds of Mary
Quicksand- protractor for 15, 45, 60 deg. raise 90 to 6 shift to right then left- Repeat x10
Hallpass- American Hammers x15
Manziel- The Squat x 15
Cubby- Ray Charles x 25
Quicksand final countdown – 5 burpees OYO


Count o Rama
Name o Rama

The beatdown was a good return for YHC, our jester cannot keep us down, keep pushing ourselves to get at least 1% better everyday. Show up for the pax not yet here and the one’s who let the jester keep them in the fartsack.

Prayers for my wife unspoken and hallpass’s mother in law who is having surgery on a tumor on her leg. Manziel looking to explore his own business venture, meanwhile go buy a truck off of him at Bell & Bell!

Ball of Man
YHC prayed out

Love to Timeshare,Grandstrand and AO’s all over the Nation!

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