Rhymes with “Flab Stripper Lex” (Timeshare 10/3/17)

Rhymes with “Flab Stripper Lex” (Timeshare 10/3/17)

Workout Date:





Burgundy, Viagra, Cubbie, Crayola, Beaker

The Thang:

Conditions: Very cool and dry.  Excellent weather.

With the normal 5:17 start time and brakes still smoking, we started with:




25 IW IC

5 Burpees OYO

Plank and stretch calves in plank position.

Mosey to blue wall on corner of Hillside and Main.

25 Jump ups hold Al Gore for 6.

Rinse and repeat with 20, 15,10, 5

[Thanks Turn and Cough for the great idea that inspired a Timeshare attempt after you could barely walk at Church on Sunday.]

Mosey to park Pavillion.  Arrange table for Abyss Merkins

Abyss Merkins 10X OYO

Mosey to parallel bars 2ft of ground for chin up demo.


Mosey to yoga mat.

Thanks to a 90 day eXtreme popular exercise video back in the day featuring Tony Horton, YHC did a modification to the ab routine who’s name rhymes with “Flab Stripper Lex” but F3 style.

  1. 30X (15 4ct IC) reverse crunches.

PAX split up and mosey 100yrds to pavillion for 10 abyss merkins or mosey to parallel bars for 15X chinups. (more like rows at that angle)  Mosey back and hold plank

2. 30X Crunchy Frogs

2b. Flapjack the Abyss merkins and chinup groups do it and plank.

3. 30X Alternating wide leg situps.

3b. Flapjack the Abyss merkins and chinup groups do it and plank.

4. 30X Heels to the heaven

4b. Flapjack the Abyss merkins and chinup groups do it and plank.

5. 30X (4ct) IC flutter kicks

5b. Substituted 15X sumo squats OYO for time.

6. 15X V-up Roll-up [Basically a WW1 situp where instead of going back down, you roll back kick your legs into a V-up or “canoe” position.  Touch your toes and go back to starting position for WW1 again.  thats “1”]

6b. 10X Derkins with feet in swingset swing.

7. American Hammers 30X (4ct) IC

8. Leg Climbers.  15X OYO each leg (one leg in air try to touch toes. cheat by grabbing leg if you need.)

9. Mosey back to parking lot.  Jailbreak last 100 yards.




Convergence 10/28/17 Location TBD

3rd F Opportunity starting at 6:00 at Timeshare this Saturday. Agenda TBD.


YHC’s 2.0’s health.

Las Vegas Victims

Burgundy led us out.





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