Riviera Beatdown

Riviera Beatdown

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Hoedown, Peach, Tag team, Punch List, Bob the Builder, Grass Patch, Stuffed Crust, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

Riviera Beatdown
20-SSHs IC
10-Merkins OYO
15-Imperial Walkers IC
10-Merkins OYO
15-Hillbillies IC
10-Merkins OYO
10-Tempo Squats IC
10 Merkins OYO
15-Mt. Climbers IC
20-Dips or Incline Merkins OYO
Jacobs Ladder to 10
Back pedal up the steep hill next to the football field and run down, then preform burpee, rinse and repeat but preform 2 burpees……. All the way to 10 burpees
The hill was a little questionable and I pointed out before we started that it looked a little “rough” but we did it anyways but somewhere around burpee set 6 I heard a “WhoaHoooa………….OHHHH! UGHHH!!! We all turned around to see one PAX who we wont name, face down in the grass fighting against the hill and trying not to continue the Panda Roll down the hill. I reiterated the fact that I am not a professional at that time.
Mosey to the Rec Center parking lot
Bear Crawl ladder
The goal here was to stay in the bear crawl or plank position the entire workout. We would bear crawl across the lot and do 1 merkin, then bear crawl back and preform 2 merkins, all the way to 6 merkins. This was tough on the hands and shoulders!!!!
25-flutter Kicks IC
10-Heels to heaven IC
15-Tempo Leg Raises
Mosey to grab blocks but the blocks were securely locked away and we couldn’t get to them so we moseyed on around and grabbed a few big rocks.
Back, Bicep and Glute Ladder
Start with 10 reps of each exercise using the rocks and then go to 9, 8, 7….. We ran out of time on after hitting 5.
Exercises preformed for the ladder were Curls, Bent over Rows and Glute Bridge/Glute Thrusters. The Glute work was very educational for the Coffee shop employee that was watching out the drive thru window and the passing by bus of students. Eye contact was optional but encouraged.
3 minutes of Mary
NoR, CoR,
Announcements: F3 Grand Strand anniversary with Papa Smurf (soon to be triple respect) on Q, everyone should be there to support the region and this incredible HIM!! CSAUP and family beach day on the next weekend. Don’t forget to check out the new Sunday Beach AO.
Prayed for the group.

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