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Kitten, Sunshine, Quaker, Crankbait, Hand Rail, Flyover, Feathers

The Thang:

AO: Bombsquad

PAX: Kitten, Sunshine, Quaker, Crankbait, Hand Rail, Flyover, Feathers (2.0) and Rousey (Q)

When: Saturday September 16, 2017.

YHC (&Q) wanted to continue with the bucket carry (loaded with 50 lb. sand bag, 10 lbs. of weights, plus now another 10 lbs. of weights) to shake up some of the typical circuits we do at F3.  The bucket carry (aka bucket brigade) is also a staple obstacle of the Spartan Races.  The station is usually positioned at a point on the course after much running, doing penalty burpees, other obstacles, etc. has occurred.  This results in YHC and several other racers to utter words of disgust, weeping & gnashing of teeth, etc. because there is pretty much no way to cheat this obstacle.  You look at the bucket, it looks at you and you still have to get work done (i.e. carry it full of gravel at 70lbs, not on shoulder with no handle for ¼ hilly mile).  Perfect for F3.

The conditions at #bombsquad were a delightful 65 degrees with little humidity.  PAX trickled in with one on two wheels 2 minutes before go time.

One minute warning.

Good morning, F3 Mission and Disclaimer.

Warm up with SSH, through the tunnel, imperial walkers, mountain climbers IC and 10 OYO slow dive-bomber merkins; then

Continued warm up into phase 1 of the THANG with YHC stating an F3 core principle then a set of burpees OYO (10 reps. ea.), principle then a set of flutter kicks OYO (20 4 count reps. ea.), alternating exercise until all principles were stated.  This is helping YHC to have these principles on lockdown along with mission and disclaimer.  This is what sets us apart from other workout groups!

Mosey on over to the parking lot to do phase 2 traditional DORA-123, but with said 70lb bucket passed down to each PAX.  YHC challenged each pair to set the bar a little higher during this phase.  For ex. instead of a standard merkin, do a clap-merkin; or try to set a time for the short run and either meet it or beat it; and/or just have the best form possible on each rep..something to truly give it 100%.  #theonlyeasydaywasyesterday.

Phase 3 YHC stole Hoedown’s ab portion of his workout yesterday (commemorating Blackbeard Revenge’s 2-year anniversary!) requiring 1 big boy sit-up with 4 2 count flutter kicks in a 1:4 ratio up to 10:40.  Tough ab workout.  Awesome group of guys at BBR! Doing the math 1:4 ratio thing apparently troublesome for some PAX yesterday and this morning.

PAX wrapped up with 4 rounds of ¼ mile run loop and 25 merkins.  YHC on seemingly eternal IR modified with more bearcrawls and bucket carries.

COP became COZ (Circle of Zen) with mobility stretches to improve flexibility.  Stole this from Vitamin D at his VQ last Saturday.  Several PAX commented on the need to incorporate this more into the workouts to reduce injury, increasing flexibility and performance in “all” areas of our lives.  Performance being the operative word with musings from PAX albeit tasteful; Feathers at 15 y/o took mental notes.

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, and announcements (item/POC): launch of new AO “The Village” on 11/7 with 3 workout times/AOQ Sunshine; short term Judo program on Saturdays with 2 times at Bombsquad launch on 10/7/Q Rousey.  Check the regional website and Slack to get details & stay up to speed on everything F3GrandStrand.

BOM & Shout-out:  Tanlines for a speedy recovery & encouragement; continued prayer for those affected by hurricanes Harvey & Irma; continued guidance; favor & peace for all #HIMs; gratitude for God’s work on the cross.

Thoughts: I am blessed to be part of band of brothers who have the same struggles, but we push through for an hour and somehow in God’s grace we end up just a little better.  All PAX brought it this morning and all got better!   #Phil413.

Sunshine: High energy and leader!
Kitten: Rocked his bucket carry and humble guy!
Crankbait: Athlete that always raises the bar!
Hand Rail: 110% hard work today on 3 hours sleep!
Flyover: A PT machine!
Feathers: Pushed hard, did everything plus sprinted an extra lap!


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