Robbie Miller

Robbie Miller

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One Call, Valvano, Jingles (respect), Lombardi, Soft Shell, Hoser, Flop

The Thang:

Wednesday- the best day of the week.  We have had some awesome Waverucker workouts the last couple weeks, I had to keep the “Mo” going- as I prepare for Bragg in 2+ weeks, KegStand sent me a workout he did a few weeks ago that was borderline ridiculous.  It was a workout dedicated to Special Forces Robbie Miller (you can read more about him on our new Facebook Waverucker page Valvano created!!)

I had to modify this for our 90 minute workout- as we couldn’t do this for 3 hours!  My driver picked me up at 0405 and drive to AO, (not sure if he was chatting in the car as I was asleep.  my bad Bro).  Hoser and Soft Shell already there, Lombardi pulled in and immediately walked to the dumpster holding what looked like a bag of poop.  must have been a rough ride from Arrowhead!  Flop and Valvano and Jingles- all accounted for!

walk over to the bridge to start our route- give the guidelines for the workout.  Here we go

1 mile ruck around the lake (1.1 to be exact).  16 minute pace.  Valvano read about RM and his story/sacrifice from GoRuck.  solid dude to say the least!

3 rounds of the following with rucks

6 merkins IC

6 mountain climbers IC (4 count)

6 flutters ruck over head IC (4 count)

6 squats ruck overhead

1.1 mile ruck around the lake (16 minute pace)

4 rounds of the same 4 exercises (Hoser needed to leave to get his wallet- I think he was planning to buy us all coffee!)

1.1 mile ruck around lake (pace was solid- Flop, Soft Shell and One Call must have gotten a memo that they needed to walk faster than the group)

5 rounds of the same 4 exercises.

TIME.  all smoked, all humble, all pushed each other.  Appreciate you dudes.  announcements and prayer.

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  1. 1. Amazing Q and story on Robbie Miller. Thank you for the leadership.

    2. Glad you had Valvano read it. If you did we’d still be there.

    3. That was weird with Lombardi. He doesn’t have a dog! Guess he wanted to be sure he was on time!!! #PoopOnTheGo

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