Roll Tide – Rinse and Repeat

Roll Tide – Rinse and Repeat

Workout Date:





Feathers (2.0), Flamethrower (FNG), Crankbait, Mousepad, Buffet, Quaker, Flyover, Hot Tub, Sunshine, Boxcar, Skidmark, Lederhosen (Kotter)

The Thang:

Conditions: low 60s…awesome bootcamp weather… we’ll take it!

YHC had the day off and kids had started their Winter break.  So, I brought Feathers and a friend.  We rolled up to the AO and saw multiple PAX already onsite.  Old faces, new faces, young faces, and smiling faces.  We then unpacked the 70lb bucket.  The smiles went away except for the neighboring Village AO PAX who were at #BS for the first time (T-claps #theywereinforatreat).  A few weeks ago, YHC dealt a ROLLTIDE beatdown celebrating Bama’s re-entry into the CFP final 4.  Since the recent trend by other QICs was to do rinse/repeat workouts and I thought that this beatdown was well received (especially by Ohio State fans) on the first go round, the repeat button was pushed.

Warm up: An assortment of SSHs, TTT, MCs, IW and dive bomber Merkins.  A paltry 20 burpees.

Mosey on over to the ball field concession stand and PAX completed (in 2-man teams) the below DORA 1-2-3 style circuit:

R = One PAX runs the short parking lot loop while other PAX does the exercise at the concession stand walkway.  During the circuit, the 70lb bucket is passed down so that each PAX gets at least one carry around a similar but smaller loop.

O = 200 overhead claps while doing a wall sit.

L = 75 lunges on right leg.

L = 75 lunges on left leg.

T = 50 Turkish get ups.

I = 200 Imperial Squat Walkers.

D = 100 Derkins,

E = Everyone moseyed back to COT carrying the bucket.  And we ended with each team doing max rep. Merkins challenging (aka “one upping”) each other to push the max number higher.


COR.  NOR.  Announcements — OST that evening (this is what its about!),  BombSquad 2-year celebration on 1/6 and Beach Bells and (its eager little brother) Southern Bells convergence on 1/5 at the BombSquad AO site.  Prayers for all #HIM and their families.

Naked Man Mole Skin: Great work by all PAX!  Good effort, good energy and encouragement!  Welcome FNG Flamethrower and Kotter Lederhosen!  It was amazing to see this many PAX foil the fartsack (especially during this time of year), keep pushing, and not backslide.  Finish the year strong!

Aye!  Rousey

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