Roll Tide!

Roll Tide!

Workout Date:





Buffet, Varsity, Flyover, Mrs. Pac Man, Mousepad

The Thang:

Conditions: Unseasonably warm, but we’ll take it because colder days are ahead.

1 minute warning.

Welcome to F3, mission and disclaimer.

Warm up (all IC): SSHs, TTTs, IWs, MCs, LBACs forwards and back.

Enter the 70lb bucket.  PAX fast walked on over to the concession stand by the church baseball fields passing the bucket among each other.  All appeared to have the bucket manhandled.

YHC posted the work out plan (a modified DORA 1-2-3 type circuit) on the concession stand window and explained to the PAX that a great wrong was made right when the CFP committee saw fit to return my #1 team – the true and consistent benchmark of a championship organization – into the 4-team playoffs.  Sorry Ohio State (not really).  I was celebratory when crafting this work out and it went something like this:

R = run (short loop by the baseball fields and parking lot) while other PAX does the required exercise.  And combined with each PAX taking turns carrying the bucket on the same loop.

O = overhead claps in a wall-sit position (100).

L = lunges right leg (50).

L = lunges left leg (50).

T = turkish get ups (50).

I  = imperial squat walkers (60).

D = derkins (100). PAX waited F3 style (i.e. ran, planked, derkin something — no one picked bucket carry) until the last crew did their derkins.

E = everyone fast walked with bucket carry and bear crawl to the virtual shovel flag.

Wrapped up with a little COP mary and mobility exercises.

COR, NOR and announcements (This Sat. Christmas party, 12/13 relaunch of WaveRucker at WH, 12/16 ugly sweater convergence at WH, and Operation Sweet Tooth) get on Slack and go to regional website for details.

Time.  YHC prayed us out referencing Phil. 4:13 with the Apostle Paul’s stating he had come to place where he was joyful with a little or a lot by following God and His plan who empowers during the journey.

NMMS: The workout alone was moderately tough.  It wasn’t something that I felt the PAX would greatly struggle with.  However, add in the bucket carry and it becomes another animal.  The bucket is carry is designed to improve grip, core and lateral strength.  More importantly, its a battle of will to carry it around the loop.  The PAX this morning truly gave it their all!  Buffet is turning into a beast.  Flyover crushes pretty much anything I put together.  Mrs. Pac Man who we have missed manhandled the bucket. Varsity also a phenom looked ready for round 2.  And finally Mousepad who is still wondering what has he gotten himself into did great work and more than he thought he could do!  Power of the PAX pushing each other.  Honored to Q!


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