Workout Date:





Bling, Lombardi, Geno, Valvano, OneCall

The Thang:

Cold.  40’s.  As Bling said, it will get warm in August

There is a lot of rucking going on and going on soon.  MB has Tough and Light GORUCK events the weekend of April 20 that a lot of Brothers have signed up for.  5 [idiots] weirdos signed up for the 50 mile Star Course Ruck in May.  Then some more T/L in Charleston, and a HTL for one major weirdo.  And more.  So, several men decided to start early this fine Saturday and get some miles in.

We met at 0500 to go 3 hours.  We got a bit of later start with Valvano dragging butt.  Then we rucked.  We wandered around Market Commons and decided to just wander some developments.  We missed Flop at times with his human GPS always getting us back on track, but we used Valvano’s phone GPS to get us out.  We watched Geno sit on a toilet that was by the road for some reason.  It has been used.  We took some good photos at various locations.  A lead pipe was found and carried with us.  Tunes were blasted.  We were right under a plane coming into MB Airport for a landing.  We wanted to stop and eat whatever they were baking at Toffino’s, but we didn’t.  Bling didn’t trip this week.  We learned about the 5 love languages.  We learned from Geno the payoff of successfully learning those languages.  Lombardi was well-versed in these languages.  Lombardi needed to be back around 0700, and we were close, and dropped him off and then completed the 10 miles.  The last 3/4 we were able to listen to This Is My Fight Song, Friday, and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  We are developing an amazing playlist for DC.  We may have even skipped around the track to these tunes.  Overall, work was done, miles were rucked, fellowship was had, we learned how to be better husbands, we learned how to walk past an amazing bakery and not stop, and most importantly, men strengthened and sharpened each other.

Coffeeteria was hit by 3 PAX who ate and drank and continued some great fellowship.

If you haven’t joined us for a ruck, come on out.


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