Ruckers must have gotten into the candy bags early……

Ruckers must have gotten into the candy bags early……

Workout Date:





Jingles, OneCall

The Thang:

Cause they didn’t show up this morning!!!

47 and cool.  Beautiful clear sky

Jingles and YHC had a blast!  Surprised more guys didn’t show.  Valvano and Billboard are hurt.  Bling made up an injury to claim he was hurt.  Everyone else….I guess just eating candy and getting fat.

YHC had an awesome plan for Halloween.  With it just being me and Jingles, we modified.  We rucked over 4 miles and did a ton of exercises.  1 set at the planes.  1 set at the top of the parking deck.  The sky was AWESOME and we talked life, faith, kids, marriage, jobs, and some other excellent topics.  Great time being out there with Jingles and thank you for the accountability of being there so we could get a beatdown in, and even better fellowship.  Plus, if you weren’t there I mighta wound up under the awning on a yoga mat with FiA (and they probably would have kicked my butt)!!!  Wait, not with FiA, on a yoga mat NEXT to FiA!  Oops!!

We ended with a 2 man BOM and COT!


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