Run For Your Life!!

Run For Your Life!!

Workout Date:





HotTub (AOQ), Skimmer, Texas Ranger, El Red Cardo, Rainman, Rubber Quaker(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 80 degrees, slightly less humid

Yesterday afternoon Hotub (AOQ) put out the call on Twitter for HC for Hulkamania. YHC immediately  replied but surprising no one else did until the evening when Skimmer ‘liked’ the post. YHC around 8pm put out another Twitter prompt but once again no additional HC. YHC had no idea what the numbers would be this a.m. All YHC knew was that at least 2 PAX and most likely 3 PAX would be in attendance for the fastest beatdown of the week! As YHC arrived at the Hulk, Texas Ranger and Rainman were sitting in their truck and ERC (El Red Cardo) was getting psyched up in his ride, too! A big black badass truck came in next. At first I thought it was Headgear (did he forget his Q at TheVillage?), no it was none other than Skimmer! Hottub rolled in and greeted everyone as we continued to stretch. With one minute to spare, Rubber came barreling in hot throwing gravel in our general direction! The magic number of 7 was achieved and we were ready!!

5:14 One Minute Warning

5:15 Proper Disclaimer & we’re off


Lots of mumble chatter to begin concerning the fact that this is one of only two remaining Fridays in July and we have not yet done our obligatory Bridge Day! The music was turned on but refused to play. As we ran the tunes would intermittently come and go. Where is DJ Brown Bag??

The PAX began by heading north on Frontage Road under International Drive Overpass, then we took a hard right on to Col. Bob Bell Path for our ascent up Mt Zeb. The PAX remained in a tight formation for our initial climb and the pace was vigorous. As we descended the bridge (Mt. Zeb) YHC could sense some apprehension from the PAX as to whether or not today would be our Bridge Day. YHC calmed any fears and announced that all would have to post next week for Bridge work. The PAX all exhaled with a collective sigh of relief as we turned left on to the run/walk path that parallel the Barc Parc.

Once pass the Barc Parc, we turned right on to Claire Chapin Epps Blvd and headed north away from the YMCA. At the intersection of 62nd Avenue North we turned left again and head east towards the turn-about on Marina Parkway. At the turn-about the lead dogs did a full circle and came in behind the six as we all headed south down Marina Parkway. About ¼ of a mile down the road we turned left again into the back entrance of the YMCA parking lot; running past the YMCA and onto Claire Chapin Epps Drive once more for a short distance.

At the walking path, all PAX turned right and headed back along the Barc Parc and onto the Col. Bob Bell Path once again. We turned right towards Mt. Zeb.

At the 200 yard marker on Mt. Zeb, the lead dogs turned around and picked up the six. We regrouped and continued up and over the bridge. When the lead dogs reached the end of the bridge we turned around and picked up the six. As a group we descended the remaining part of the bridge then sprinted with everything we got back to the Hulk.

The PAX remained in the Hulk and ran the service road south to The Bluffs.  We entered The Bluffs and ran past the Boat Storage until we reach the end of the community. As we exited the community, the PAX were instructed to turn right on to frontage road with 10 minutes left. As we neared the Hulk once again, we all took in the beautiful sunrise.

With 5 minutes to spare we pushed ourselves towards Mt. Zeb once more and attempted to reach the summit to enjoy the sunrise. With 2 minutes remaining we turned around and sprinted back to our starting point in the Hulk Parking Lot.

Time Called!

Miles = 4.7 to 4.9

Time = 45 -49 minutes


Count-o-Rama = 7


Announcements:  Spartan Race (Ashville, NC) on Saturday 7.27.19 (See Rousey or Headgear); CSUP “The Sasquatch” in Greenville, NC 7.27.19 (See Quaker if interested).

Prayer led for YHC for Hotub’s 2 friends fighting cancer (Mark & Mark); Prayers unspoken

Moleskin: Running is an excellent way to build and maintain fitness and it was an honor to lead the PAX this morning. Some days we love to run, other days we run for our fellow PAX, but every day we are running for our lives. YHC has gotten better, strong, faster, and healthier because of everyone who continues to push me and hold me accountable. Thank you.




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