Run The Bases

Run The Bases

Workout Date:



1st Base


Kiwi, Single Barrel, Hojo, Pikachu, O'Douls

The Thang:

Conditions – chilly and a bit breezy

Moderate turnout was world different than my first two Qs, but mumble chatter was going strong when it was time to give one minute warning and then get going. F3 Mission Statement and disclaimer were… attempted.


15 Hairy Rockets, IC

15 Hillbillies, IC

15 Imperial Walkers, IC


15 Seal Claps IC


Hi/Lo Planker


Quick Mosey the long way around the church to the coupon pile and then back to the Big Lot.

A quick set of 21s, IC (the Colt 45’s younger brother) before we got to the meat of the work out.


Seven of Diamonds – (cones were set out in a diamond formation, ninety feet between each other, each exercise done the prescribed number of reps at each cone, mosey between each cone)

7 Bobby Hurley’s (to HoJo’s delight)

14 Rows (Bent of Upright, Pax Choice)

21 Mountain Climbers (2 count)

28 Squats

21 LBCs (single count)

14 Lateral Raises

7 Crunchy Frogs


Had planned on a modified DORA, but we were short on time so instead…

Another set of 21s IC

Mosey to the cross for

30 Dips IC

30 Step Ups OYO

30 Rocky Balboas (2 count, OYO)

Mosey back to the coupons

Third set of 21s IC


Returned coupons and circled up for some Mary, Pax Choice

15 Heels to Heaven (or Brown Eye to the Sky, as Single Barrel called it)

15 Boxcutters

15 Rubber Flutters

Memory fails on the last one or two…

Two minutes left for some stretching…


Name-O Rama (complete with YHC flub, which the group jumped on in delight)

Announcements – Ugly Sweater Convergence (with canned food drive), Freed To Bleed, Grow Ruck

Prayer Requests/Praises

Hojo was kind enough to pray us out.

Honor to lead this fine group out in the gloom!


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