Running backwards is fun right?

Running backwards is fun right?

Workout Date:





Hoedown, Grass Patch, Etch A Sketch, Mud Slide, Peaches, Whittle, Won Ton, Smokey Bear, Barney, Postal, Magnum, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

6 Pax of all different paces ran between 2 and 3.1 miles ahead of the beat down.

One Minute Warning
Disclaimer Given

Conditions: 52 with a slight breeze

Warmed up on the run to make it to the football fields with enough time to complete routines.
*25-SSHs IC
*20-Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

Jacobs Ladder
*Backpedal up the hill
*Complete 1 burpee
*Sprint Down
(Rinse and Repeat 7 times adding one burpee each time, last round would be 7 burpees)
*Hard chargers to complete 4×4’s on the 6

Quarter Pounder
Backpedal to cone and sprint back for each round.
*25 yds 25 Merkins
*50 yds 50 Squats
*75 yds 75 Mt Climb.
*100 yds 100 SSHs

Mary on the Run
*15 Tempo Leg Raises
*10 Big Boy Situps
*20 LBCs
*10 Peter Parkers IC (Crowd Pleaser)
*25 Flutter Kicks IC

This morning included a lot of running so the group was stretched out at different times but it was great to see all of those willing to pick up the six and show everyone what F3 is all about. I heard many different words of encouragement coming from all angles throughout the beat down and people pushing each other to get better which was also fantastic to see. Great work by all PAX today, I apologize to the other five pre-run guys as I think they ended up with over 5 miles by the end of the pre-run and beat down.

Count O Rama
Announcements: Toy Drive continuing, Christmas party changed to Rip Tydz.
Devotion: Take care of your body 1 Corinthians 3:16
Name O Rama
Prayer Request: Run Off, Red Tape, Shannon Holbrook, Paper Clips daughter
Prayed for the group

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