Rushin’ 4 Corners

Rushin’ 4 Corners

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Kitten, Skidmark, Boxcar, Buffett, YHC

The Thang:

Conditions: Unfortunately, I don’t remember the conditions as I have been a slacker and neglected this backblast and not completed in the standard 24 hrs as intended.  I do remember, however, that on the morning of, I decided that music (RUSH, specifically for the finale) was necessary and brought along the trusty speaker to grace us with some tunes.  Unfortunately, I did forget to charge my phone, so half way through the beatdown my phone died and hence, no more music! Ruined the finale! Sorry fellas.
One Min Warning, oops, I can’t access the music… started  two min late.
22 merkins
SSH x 25 IC
Imperial Walkers x 25 IC
Windmills x 25 IC
TTT x 25 IC
Lil’ baby Arm Circles x 20 IC
Reverse x 20 IC
Over Head Clap x 20 IC
4 Corners of AO Parking Lot
Set 1
Round 1: 20 Merkins (corner1), 20 lunges (corner2), 20 Burpees (corner3), 20Flutter Kicks (corner3).
Round 2: same but with 15 reps of each
Round 3: 10 reps, Round 4: 5 reps
Plank or pick up six at end of round 4.
Set 2
Same reps as before for each of the 4 rounds. Exercises are prisoner squats, BBSU, curls with 30 lb cinder block, lizard on the run cross between Peter Parker and Mountain Climber
Red Barchetta  (one of my Favorite RUSH songs)- used curbing and trees in parking to mark approximate distance.  All PAX line along one end of parking lot. Sprint 10 yrds, 10 burps, sprint back to start; sprint 25 yrds, 25 merkins, sprint back; sprint 50 yards, 50 LBC’s, sprint back; sprint 75 yards, 75 mountain climbers, sprint back; sprint 100 yards, 100 SSH, sprint back.
No new announcements, no prayer requests
YHC led prayer and all PAX dispersed fairly quickly.  Honor as always to lead!

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