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One-Call, Bling, Varsity, Bubbles, Weedeater, Lombardi, Franklin, Vladmir, Valvano, Turn & Cough, Dabo (FNG) and Bambi (FNG)

The Thang:

Conditions: 55 deg., slightly misty.  Shorts & t-shirt weather for YHC!  I was wearing 2 layered gloves, layered shirts, and sweat pants a week prior.  Next step was ear muffs, emergency flask of schnapps and maybe a rescue dog the way the weather was headed.

Allow me a few days to celebrate, pontificate and of course gloat over the Alabama Crimson Tide’s 17th national championship!  So, the workouts beginning with BombSquad yesterday, this morning, and Friday (I have Q at the Village) will be somewhat self-serving and a bit annoying with an Alabama theme to it.  Sorry Clemson and Georgia…maybe next year (probably not).

Warm Up: IC: 20 – 25 reps each of SSHs, TTTs, IW, LB Arm Circles (forwards & back), and MCs; OYO: 20 Burpees (good morning! mumble chatter commence).

Since this was coach Nick Saban’s 6th college football national championship, we tackled the following:

Mosey on over to the soccer field and PAX completed (in 2-man teams) the below DORA 1-2-3 style circuit (i.e. one PAX runs sideline to sideline while other does exercise, tag, reverse roles until total team reps. are complete):

S = 100 Squats

A = 100 4 ct. American Hammers

B = 60 Burpees

A = 100 2 ct. alternating shoulder taps

N = mystery exercise

Of course the bucket!  The 70 lb bucket of suck was passed down to each PAX during the circuit and required to walk the bucket (in lieu of running) sideline to sideline.  Each PAX had 1 carry.  They hate it at BombSquad (several of those PAX often opt to use the “modify” card).  Everyone did it here…not easy…great work!  Check out the AOM article on “carrying heavy” if you get a chance.

After the alternating shoulder taps, we met in the middle of the field and PAX were given instructions to bearcrawl back (same 2-man teams) to the COT area.  Both initially bearcrawled.  If one partner fatigued, they’d alert the other and transition into a walk (after a 3 big boy sit up penalty).  Bucket was also passed around (mumble chatter picks up – Q now has target on his back).  All made it to the finish (actually the grassy berm area where Beach Bells AO does their thing…notice the huge divets in the ground…come out to get swoll brothers!)

Now the “N”.  YHC liked how (in the recent BombSquad 2-year anniversary convergence) the AOQ asked random PAX to state an F3 core principle and then required an exercise (reps. were increased if answer was incorrect).  YHC modified this slightly and allowed the quized PAX to pick their own.  This helps reinforce to memory the principles that sets us distinctly apart from other groups.  Great job!  YHC stated the final principle and completely smoked (hopefully) the PAX with bearcrawl revolutions.


COR.  NOR.  Announcements — F3 leadership study Q’d by Handy Manny and Crankbait on Tuesday evenings starting 1/23 (place TBD) and Superbowl themed beatdown at WH on 2/3 Q’d by Bluegrass.  Go to the regional website and get on slack for details and other great information regarding F3 GrandStrand.

YHC prayed us out thanking God and asking for continued guidance and strength for all #HIM and their families.

NMMS: Great work by all PAX!  Enjoyed being at Warthog again and seeing the local PAX who I occasionally see at BombSquad.  Get out and go to other AOs…meet the other PAX…push each other…get to know each other’s God-given story.  Welcome FNGs Bambi and Dabo!

Aye!  Rousey

“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” – Theodore Roosevelt


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