Saturday at Warthog

Saturday at Warthog

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Turn and Cough


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The Thang:

Conditions: clear and cool

Mood: chatty, 15 PAX posted

The Thang:

Warm up: Went off as usual. Started with Side Straddle Hop and included Through the Tunnel, Imperial Walkers, Squats, Little Baby Arm Circles, etc. Ended with a one lap Indian Run.

Beat down:

Sand bag drag: Pax lined up, one behind the other in a loose plank position. The sand bag was passed up the line to the PAX at the front. When the sand bag reached the front, PAX bear crawled over the bag until it was at the back again. This was repeated down most of the soccer field.

Mosey to the parking deck (Sand bag carried along, switching off to other PAX as needed)

Jump Taps: PAX found a spot under the supports of the parking deck. We then jumped up and tapped the supports 100 times.

11’s: We moseyed around the corner to the base of the first incline. At the bottom we started with 10 Jump squats, ran the incline, and at the top we started with 1 hand release merkin. This was repeated as per usual ending with 1 jump squat at the bottom and 10 and release merkins at the top. The sand bag was carried back and forth switching between PAX.

Mosey to the bridge (Sand bag in tow)

Plank hold: 5 minutes. PAX chatted it up with interesting subjects….you know… food, sports, weather, vasectomies, rectal exams…the usual stuff. This made the time pass by faster.

Mosey to the soccer field (Sand bag in tow)

Take up your cross: PAX partnered up. 2 or 3 or 4 together. The pax posed like a cross with arms out and core tight. The other PAX were challenged to “take up the cross” and carry him across the soccer field from sideline to sideline. We switched off as needed.

Wind sprints: We formed two lines and finished up the beat down with two sprints the length of the soccer field. 2 Pax went at a time. One from each line.

End: We circled up, stretched a bit, got in some leg lifts and LBCs.

BOM: Announcements: Get on slack, Attend Ground Zero event with your 2.0s…get up with One Call, Attend Substitute for Santa…. talk to Flash, Start thinking about Toy Drive for Christmas headed up by Peterbuilt, Remember Brolympics next Saturday…Talk to Flash, Start planning costumes for Halloween convergence,  Remember to sign up for Zombie event coming up for the Ruckers. Join us for coffeeteria.


Moleskin: Just wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate the support of my F3 brothers and the feeling of confidence I return home with after Qing.

Thanks for the chance.


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