Screw You Jim Cantore

Screw You Jim Cantore

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O'Douls, Hedgehog, First Base, Pikachu, Judge Judy, Laces, Rousey, Candy Cane, Killington

The Thang:

The Weather Channel said 41 degrees but it was 37. A little frost but no wind, so a pleasant enough morning to get after it. Enough for New Englanders to call us Sissies and Floridians to call us Psycopaths. When I pulled up there were 7 Pax pre-running. The Catapult crew continues to get better and push each day.

Today’s exercise was DORA- based, but without the high rep goals like 200/300 reps of any one exercise. Instead the goals was to partner up and get 10 different exercises in.

While partner 1 did an exercise, partner 2 either did a 2-block carry to the end of the parking lot and back (300 feet), or moseyed. Then partner 1 carried/moseyed and partner 2 did the exercise.

1) BBSU/Block Carry

2) Incline Block Merkin/ run

3) Curl/ Run

4) Dry Dock/ Block Carry

5) Block Pullover/ Run

6) Bock Squat/ Run

7) Plan/ Block Carry

8) 1-arm row/ Run

9) OH Press/ Run

10) Burpee/ Block Carry

When the first few groups finished, I gave instructions to repeat the BBSU and Dry Dock portion, both of which came with a block carry.

All told, Pax carried 2 cinder blocks for .35 mile and also ran between exercises for .35 mile. There was initially some bitching about the block carries. The Pax’s name rhymes with O’Mouls. But he and everyone else rocked the block carries. Laces went full maniac and carried the blocks with his arms at a 90 degree angle, which he said was easier for him.

Many guys ran 1-2 miles before this beatdown, so they got their running and resistance in today for sure.

I always like to opine on the farting b/c farts are hilarious. Early during Mary, the farts were both frequent and impressive in their volume. The usual suspects contributed as well as some less chronic farters. Good work there. Adds some levity to being up at 430am in the cold and dark.

Mary consisted of static hold V-crunch for a 20 count, rubber kicks, pretzel crunches, Homer Humping Marges (ask Pikachu), partner plank pushups, regular flutter kicks.

Announcements- BBQ this Saturday in Pawleys hosted by the soon-to-be-launched AO, Catapult AOQ  handoff and Catapult Anniversary both coming up in the next 3 weeks. Check Slack for both, sorry I did not absorb the dates.

Make it a great day, men.


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