Shaken, not stirred at #WR

Shaken, not stirred at #WR

Workout Date:





OneCall, Bling, Boxcar, Lombardi (SINGLE RESPECT), Penelope (Co-ComZ Q), Hoser (WR AOQ) and Headgear (our new Nant'an!!)

The Thang:

Conditions: Gross…humid and no wind…August in SC.

QIC / YHC wanted to step up and Q to give the WaveRucker (WR) pros a break and get back into rucking after life got in the way post GTE22.  No Bear w/ Me or Robbie Miller ruck WODs…had to come up w/ something fresh w/ some historical significance to meet the “standard”.  Google search of famous people w/ an 8/25 birthday (during staff meeting)…and got him…make it a puzzel…the WR Pax like puzzles.

7 other #HIM showed up at Forbus Court — Market Commons (MC).  Enough sandbags (SBs) for 1 per pair of Pax.  One minute warning, welcome to F3, abbreviated disclaimer, and we got to work…

Segment 1:  Two (1.1 mile) MC Lake loops (2 circles) and Ruck Burpees (7).
*Pairs shared a 60# SB switching when needed.
**Pax were told that the numbers were of significance.

Segment 2:  DORA w/ a pair total of (200) reps. of exercises and Ruck Merkins (7).
*Same pairs and 20 Ruck Get Ups, 40 Thrusters, 60 Curls, and 80 Squats at the MC track.
**Pax were told that today was the birthday of a well-liked actor and to note the number sequence.

Segment 3: Two sets of two laps on the track (2 circles) w/ Ruck Merkins (7) after ea. set.
*OYO and Pax were told on the sets of laps to Ruck w/ SB one lap & Pax choice on the next (YHC ran w/o a ruck on 2 of them).
**Pax were told that the mystery celeb. was a British actor that had passed away last year.  Lombardi said its “Sean Connery”…you are right!  YHC was corrected by Hoser (usually carrying anything and everything is also our history buff) that he was Scottish — my mistake.

Segment 4: 2 (00) and 7 Flutter kicks on the track.
*Various Pax took turns leading the crew through 207 FKs.

Light stretching.


COR – 8
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken (Pax dealing w/ CV19 as well as Ms and loved ones in the hospital) and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Recent 2F at GS Brewing Co. (more to come); F3 10-year at F3 Cape Fear on 10/8 – 10/10/2021; next month’s Iron Pax Challenge; CSAUPs next year; lots of things going on – get plugged in.

NMMS: Strong work this morning!  #Mumblechatter while initially sluggish (0430 start will do that) picked up and was well…unbelievable at the end!  OneCall and Penelope opted to do fellowship pace laps on segment 3 to get caught up — cool!  Bling made the WOD look easy and took his shirt off I think 2 times (FiA impressed).  Headgear (who YHC partnered up with) still looks jacked after completing the brutal F3 HTL.  Boxcar…one of the few who did all the work w/o complaining.  Missed these guys!  YHC will endeavor to be more consistent.  Hope you liked the puzzle to correctly guess Sir Sean Connery aka the best “007” James Bond who was born 8/25/1930.

Honor to lead!



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