Sharknado 1/23/23

Sharknado 1/23/23

Workout Date:



Kiwi (2XR) AOQ


Pole dancer (R), Ringo (2XR), Texas Ranger

The Thang:

It was a breezy Monday at Sharknado with a rather stiff breeze coming off the Shark pond at the rear of Timberlake Baptist Church. 52 degrees with a bit of standing water pretty much everywhere but under the TBC awning.

It has been two weeks to the day since I was here and that is way to long as an AOQ but sometimes work calls and for me that usually includes some down range travel. I have to appreciate the men who faithfully attend Sharknado and have supported this new AO. They all have stepped up to help out when I am not able to be here and for a smaller AO that is an accomplishment. We had a couple of regulars not in attendance in Shoeless (nursing an ankle sprain) and Brandon who might or might not have a legit fartsack reason (if there is such a thing) but thats a tale for another day.

In honor of the date I had the idea to have 23 different exercises with sets of 20 (for the most part) this would include a good warm up. Lots of AOs are doing pre-runs but we just get right to it down to business and don’t mess around.

Mission Statement

Disclaimer – modify as necessary – all exercises are suggestions dadada

15 of all except Merkins – we did 23 of those

Hairy Rockettes, IW, TTT, Hillbillies, Tempo Squats, LBAC forward/reverse, overhead claps, SSH, Merkins

Three stations with 23 different exercises (approximately) with a mosey between each exercise in a circular fashion each round ending on the ground under the awning for core.

Station 1 – CORE – 20 of each

Big Boys

4 count flutters

4 count american hammers

pretzel crunches


Station 2 – BLOCKS – 20 each



Overhead presses

Block swings/tri-extensions (you choose)

Round of all – totally 20 – blockees could be included if you choose

Station 3 – CARDIO

Jump Squats

Mountain Climbers – 4 count


Plank Jacks

Burpees (10)

Well we finished all these early and return the blocks followed by a mosey tour of the AO. Went down for a little line dancing with a bear crawl of two parking lines followed 2 merkins, lung walk of two lines followed by 3 merkins, bunny hop of two lines followed by 2 merkins, lunge walk of two lines followed by 3 merkins and finally a bear crawl of 2 lines followed by 2 merkins.

We then continued our mosey to the front entrance for some rear facing traffic – Monkey Humpers (20) then a mosey back to the Awning for COR, NOR, COT

Announcements – Freed to Bleed – February 24th all are encouraged if able – I made my appointment today! Handley’s 2nd F for those who can generally 12-2 PM

Nantan handoff with coffeteria to follow at Warthog this Saturday – 7:00 AM come out and thank F3headgear for doing a great job and congratulate our next Nantan – (be there to find out)

Prayers for safe travel for F3Poledancer heading to Atlanta this week and for all those who could not attend this morning.

F3 Kiwi – Honor to Lead!