Sharknado gets the Axe!

Sharknado gets the Axe!

Workout Date:



Rousey (Respect - 3rd F Co Q)


Shoeless (2 x Respect), Ringo (2 x Respect), Brandon (1 x Respect), Pole Dancer (1 x Respect), Spinal Tap (no Respect -- still awesome tho!), Kiwi (2 x Respect and SN AOQ) and QIC

The Thang:

Conditions: High 70s, slightly humid, and of course dark at 0500 when YHC rolled into the Timberlake Baptist Church (TLBC) campus.

YHC / QIC’s first Q at the sort-of-new AO on the south side launched by our stalwart Kiwi! The Sharknado (SN) AO provides a place (much like Catapult) for guys to workout smart grinding through the “good” pain, but dialing it back to avoid “bad” pain during the beatdowns. So, in that vein, QIC opted to do a you vs. you hero WOD known as the “Axe” that is used to plus up the famous “Murph” WOD, but can be used as a stand-alone. YHC successfully used the WOD during his last 2 Qs…and with a few mods (like AMRAP style) for this crew why not a 3rd time!

6 other Pax joined minutes before “go time”. Pre-workout #mumblechatter ensued, 1-minute warning, welcome to F3, mission, disclaimer, and then we got after it.

Warm Up:  An assortment of usual F3 GrandStrand (F3GS) exercises IC and OYO.

The Navy Seal Matthew Gene Axelson “the Axe” Hero WOD (TLBC drop off loop grabbing a block on the way):

  1. 800M run modified to 4 laps around the TLBC drop off loop.
  2. 25 Bodybuilders – Burpee w/ distinct Merkin and Plank Jack. Modified to (A)s (M)any (R)eps (A)s (P)ossible. But, we have a block pile at Sharknado and we plused up to bodybuilder blockees!!!
  3. 25 4-ct. Flutter Kicks. And modified to AMRAP.
  4. 25 Double Leg raises. And modified to AMRAP.
  5. Aussie Pullups w/ weight vest modified to Curls (no pull up bar available). And modified to AMRAP.
  6. 25 Squats. And modified to AMRAP.
  7. 25 Merkins. And modified to AMRAP.
  8. 25 Heels to Heavens. And modified to AMRAP.
  9. 25 Hello Dollies. And modified to AMRAP
  10. 25 Aussie Pullups w/ weight vest modified to Thrusters (no pull up bar available). And modified to AMRAP.
  11. 25 Merkins. And modified to AMRAP.
  12. 4 laps around the TLBC drop off loop.

The Pax made it through a complete round in the above format. Then we attempted to plod through one more, but with individual Pax choice of fixed reps.

QIC looked up at his phone and zoinks (who said that Quaker?) it was 0558. QIC skipped over leading the Pax through a quick stretch / cool down.


COR – 7
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
BOM by Kiwi.

Announcements: A ton of awesome stuff continually put on by the F3GS 21-22 Shared Leadership Team!  Please get on Slack and see all the amazing events happening now and on the horizon from all the Fs. Freed to Bleed and Pelicans Game (thanks for setting that up Jetah and Shoeless!) this week!

NMMS 1: Strong work today! Not easy and the #crowdpleaser…besides Shoeless’s “Looaang Island” accent with our good ole boy draw…was the Thrusters! #Mumblechatter was definitely flowing! Great AO here and YHC highly recommends a visit!! Tell your friends who might be on the fence that these guys will make them feel at home! Great job Kiwi!

NMMS 2: YHC thought it fitting to lead these “no-quit” hombres at SN with “the Axe” WOD remembering serviceman Axelson a “freedom fighter” who sacrificed his life in Operation Redwings (6/28/2005). Check out his bio.

Honor to Q!