Sharks were circling in Tornado fashion at Sharknado!

Sharks were circling in Tornado fashion at Sharknado!

Workout Date:



Kiwi (2XR)


Bubbles(R), Rousey (R), Papa Smurf (3XR), Cross Stitch, Shoeless (2XR), Franklin, Ringo (2XR), Brandon (R), Shepherd (FNG) (2XR, Pole dancer (R), 1040 (3XR), Armpit, Hibachi (Kotter), Hoser, Headgear, Skimmer (R), Baggage, Pikachu, Spinal Tap, Candy Cane, Manziel (R), Elmers (R), Picasso (2XR)

The Thang:

The Thang

Conditions: Well finally the humidity started to hit for the first Sharknado Q this morning.New AO / New Shovel Flag. I arrived at 5:00 AM 15 minutes early to find Rousey and Shoeless standing there wondering well is Kiwi going to show up for his first AOQ at Sharknado – never a doubt. The crowd started rolling in from there. We had a total of 24 for an AWESOME kick off to this new AO. You know when the pastor is an FNG its going to be a good morning. So thankful to have this AO available to us and super thankful to FNG – F3 Shepherd for supporting us and Timberlake Baptist for allowing us to use their parking lot. Even before the one minute warning rolled around we had mubblechatter starting up strong but it was to be expected with a total of 830 years just in respect attendees – gotta be a record!

One minute warning then we began with a strong warm up followed by Pledge of Allegiance


Imperial Walkers


Tempo Squats



Seal Claps

Overhead Claps


Merkins (22)

Mosey around this awesome AO with lots of mubblechatter because between Candy Cane and Bubbles most of the respect guys were lapped about 4 times – all asking directions of me – so stopped for some Blimps with sprints, moseys, walking (we had it all going!)

B- Burpees – 5 surprised the Nantan with this one

L- Lunges – 10

I – itty bitty crunches – 15

M- Merkins – 20

Plank Jacks – 25

Squats – 30

It was a regular herding of cats but all got better and the FNGs were able to feel good about the progress they made.

Went back to Shovel flags where I did a Dick Webbs up to five and 20 for merkins and air presses followed by a few rounds of Mary

Headgear – flutters

Shoeless – hell O dolly

Skimmer? –


N O R – 4 fngs – got new names F3 1040, F3 Armpit, F3 Shepherd, F3 Picasso

Prayers Manziel’s Dad – Joe, Jeter’s Mom – Julie, Shoeless friend – Wayne, Papa Smurf’s Brother (? – God knows) , Son – Will, unnamed, prayed us out followed by onsite Coffeteria (Cross Stitch picked up – thanks)