Shoulder Smoke Fest

Shoulder Smoke Fest

Workout Date:





Headgear, Fergie, Lombardi, Onecall, Bling, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

Weather- A Balmy 33 degrees with about a 10-15 MPH wind resulting in a blazing feels like temperature of 23 degrees.

The Q sheet was open on Monday for the privilege to Q the best AO in the region. YHC deiced to step up and try to keep that standard. We have had a rash of amazing Q’s the past few weeks so it YHC had a lot to live up to. After the decision was made to Q the announcement went out that we would be moving the location to Doug Shaw this week but would be keeping the same time and to wear pants as we would be doing crawls and drags. As a side note the weather this morning made sure that pax would be wearing pants even is YHC hadn’t made the announcement/request.  After the miscommunication on Monday YHC made sure to ask for pax to bring their sandbag, and to maybe limit the weight in their ruck to 30 pounds or so.

YHC arrived to the parking lot to find, no surprise, Fergie the first one there staying nice and warm in his car. The Plantation Lakes clown car arrived with Onecall, Bling, and Lombardi, sorry to hear about your calf boxcar, and they made a b-line with their rucks and sandbags to try to find some shelter from the wind. YHC was working on getting sandbags set up on the football field as Headgear swept up the 6 making sure no one was at Warthog waiting for us. Valvano was AWOL, being a no call no show. Onecall suggested removing that fancy GORUCK Club leader patch of his. We did come to the conclusion that his M probably wanted him to build another bookshelf at 0300 this morning.

Todays lesson: Ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.

The last several training session have been leg heavy, YHC realizing that there were other body parts to be worked decided that this morning would be shoulder heavy.

A modified disclaimer was given and these men are professionals and animals and noting can stop them or hurt them.

1st movement was just a nice 1/2 mile ruck to warm the body up.

When we got back to the goal line we split into teams of 2. Partner 1 would farmer carry the rucks to the 15 yard line and back, as partner 2 would do a overhead 60 pound sandbag hold. Then the teams would switch positions. This was done until each partner had done both 5 rounds of farmer carries, and 5 round of overhead holds.

Then came a teaching moment where YHC showed the pax different ways to do a buddy drag, both the “traditional way” by grabbing under the arms, and a “firefighter” way by grabbing the legs. We then split back into our teams and worked on the two different types of drags going to the 15 yard line and back.

YHC shared that its nice when you have an “alive” causality that can assist with helping brag them by reducing how much of their body is touching the ground, thus reducing friction #physics. But what happens when you have a “dead” causality. YHC shared an example/experience of having to drag a such a causality during an event while under “fire” during a welcome party for an event. YHC also showed the difference between an army crawl and a low crawl, there is a difference and if you fail to pay attention it could cause you to be or have a causality during your event.

YHC then welcomed to the group Little Joe. Little Joe is Big Fred’s younger, fatter, lazier brother. Little Joe has no arms and has one above the knee amputation. Little Joe weights about 200 pounds. As a two man team we would do a low crawl, sans ruck, and drag Little Joe to the 15 yard line and back. The teams that were not currently doing the dragging were to provide fire support by doing an overhead ruck hold. After all three teams had a turn at dragging Little Joe we went for a nice recovery lap, This was mainly so YHC could figure out what to do next, not because the pax were spent, these men are machines.

After the recovery/brainstorming lap, YHC shared how to to switch a causality from person to person in the fireman’s carry position. This movement is done the same way we switch sandbags. It allows to switch off the causality with out putting them on the ground then having to pick them back up again. Everyone seemed to enjoy that. YHC also shared that a fireman’s carry is a great way to maximize your force multiplier. The less people you need to carry someone or something the more guns you can get into the fight, or the more people you can have on standby to carry.

Next exercise was 30 ruck thrusters, followed by a low crawl sandbag drag, with ruck, to the 15 yard line and back. Followed by 30 ruck front raises, followed by another low crawl sandbag drag to the 15 and back. And finally ending with 30 ruck lateral raises, 15 each arm. We then took another recovery lap.

We ended the workout this morning with a 12 minute EMOM. The odd minutes we would do merkin ruck pull throughs AMRAP, the odd minutes would be our rest. After the 12 minutes we took our last recovery lap.


Freed to bleed, GrowRuck, P-200.

Was also shared that there is a challenge to post to 20 workouts this month to be able to circle your name on the iron pax flag.

Prayer Requests:

No requests shared, but excided to share that we had two praise reports, Bling’s sister has made an incredible recovery from her TIA and is doing good. Headgear’s 2.0 is also doing extremely well being able to maintain her weight, they are still seeing the counselor and are hopeful that the feeding tube can come out soon.

YHC prayed us out and everyone ran to the warmth of their cars.

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