So many sandbags…..

So many sandbags…..

Workout Date:





Hoser, Flop, Bling, Valvano, Geno, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

47 – not bad

FINALLY, YHC was able to post at #WaveRucker, and was fortunate enough to be able to take the Q!  Since becoming an official Wednesday Ruck option last month, YHC had ink keep him out a week, some holiday related things, and a dang cough that wouldn’t let up in the cold weather.  So with YHC’s diagnosis (which I will not post here) from my fellow ruckers finally all cleared up, the swelling down, and feeling better, it was time to post!  And gosh 0330 is a lot earlier than 0430 or even 0415, but hey, that’s what we do!

We started at 0430 when all the men were gathered around and went for our 4 miler.  YHC’s 4 milers are easy.  Walk straight for 2 miles.  Turn around.  Walk back.  No thinking needed.  Flop is like a bird and can go for miles and miles and miles and somehow get us back.  Hoser and Valvano map out great routes on their phones before we leave.  Bling will walk back and forth forever.  And Geno, we were just very happy to have him with us.  Weedeater and Billboard were supposed to be there.  They were not.  So…we grabbed 1 of the many sandbags from my car and off we went, rotating the sandbag every 1/2 mile.  Everyone got a turn.  Bling took 3 since he’s training for the Joe Warner Heavy.  Kept a pace slightly over 15 minutes per mile.  Excellent work!  Next time, Socastee!

We got back, and then got the rest of the stuff.  Sandbags – 80 lb, 60 lb, 46 lb, 45 lb, 40 lb.  [The 46 and 45 lbers were Bling’s and Valvano’s.  Both were camouflaged as 60 lbers based on their patches – apparently they were trying to fool us into thinking their stuff was bigger than it actually was.  #FalseAdvertising much like the shirts they wear that say “This is what 8″ really looks like”].  Also, an 80 lb Kettlebell


The plan was a full body beatdown using rucks, sandbags, and the KB
We circled up

Rucks on
20 Merkins OYO
20 Squats OYO

Grab a sandbag
Power Burpees – basically grab the bag, do a burpee, lift the sandbag up and press – do 10-20 OYO; use various weights
Bent over rows – 20 OYO

Back to a circle
20 Merkins and drag ruck from side to side with each rep
20 Ruck on front squats
20 Flutters IC – press and/or hold ruck

Grab a sandbag
Clean Squat Press x 10-15 OYO
[Bling and Hoser absolutely man-handled the 80 on these #Beasts]
Ruck get ups – 5 each side [these sucked]
Sand bag Thrusters x 15-20 depending on weight
Lunge Walk with ruck on 10 steps one way, 10 steps back
American Hammer x 20 OYO – rucks on

Grab a sandbag/KB
Farmer Walk

Triple crush with sandbag or ruck
Sandbag good mornings

We finished with a great idea from Hoser based on the merkin and ruck pull/drag – we all planked side by side and each PAX called out a merkin for all to do, then dragged the ruck from one side to the other to the next PAX who then called out the merkin and on and on.  There and back!

Count-O-Rama – 6
Prayer requests for Hoser’s co-worker’s family calling in Hospice
Prayer requests upspoken

– Handy Manny and Crankbait starting 3rdF on Tuesday, January 23.  Check slack or hit them up.

– Awesome time out there today!  Strong strong work by everyone!!!  Really enjoyed getting back out with you men and catching up!


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