So, those are my Shoulders……

So, those are my Shoulders……

Workout Date:





High Interest, One Call, Riceburner, Vitamin D, Chewy, Valvano, Beaker, Flyover, Handy Manny, Ms Pacman, Quaker.

The Thang:

65 and beautiful out this morning at Bombsquad- great time to push a solid workout!  Arrived at the AO around 5am to get set up.  One Call pulled in early as well (ONLY to help me out- no other reason at all…..)

Finally found the tires behind the back building in the dark, and rolled 6 out.  Made sure my speakers were functioning, and that the Metallica mix had NO COMMERCIALS (side bar).  Shuffled to Master of Puppets and noticed we were 3 minutes from Kick-off.  Cars were filing in, men were stretching/sleeping/moaning for a Monday.  Disclaimer given- group of 12 stumbled down to the front church lot to begin the beatdown:

Karaoke facing church to end of square, run backwards to 2nd corner, karaoke facing church to 3rd corner, run backwards to start point to finish the “warm-up square”.

COP:  All in Cadence

20 deep squats

20 Emp Walkers

20 Windmills

20 Thru Tunnel

20 Flutters

Mosey to end of parking lot (by baseball field)

20 Carolina Dry Dock

20 arm circles forward

20- overhead claps

20 arm circles backward

5 second rest before 20 Bragg cherry pickers.  (heard 1st moan)

22 Merkins (Vets)

Mosey to back of church lot for DORA.  4 groups of 3.  Repeated cycle 3 times thru!!

#1- run to tires (halfway down stretch) 10 merkins in between tires, extending down past 90deg.  modify if needed.  run to end of cone, turn around and do 10 more Merkins on tires- run to startpoint

#2- AMRAP crunches.  Modify with 6”/ flutters- but keep the abs engaged.

#3- shoulder press the pavers (20pounders- apparently PAX thought these were from our pool!). Modify with curls/triceps- but keep the arms engaged.

recover/rest walk to end of lot.  Checked time at 6:05- just enough time for more shoulder punishment!!

1st stretch- mosey to end of square, plank on 6.  when the last runner joined circle, the 1 minute plank started.

20 Carolina DD in Cadence

2nd stretch- 50% jog, same minute plank.  20 Overhead claps.   moan, moan,

last stretch – 75% run to initial start point- Metallica was blasting Nothing else Matters!!  1 minute plank- then 20 forward arm circles…… then the group knew we were doing another set of backwards.  purposely went over to 22 total as the moans were heard throughout Carolina Forest at this point!.  group circled up around flag at 6:13- took a few extra minutes with a Praise/Prayer report from each man.  Just wanted a few extra minutes together hearing about our Brother’s lives.

Awesome job by all- my shoulders were smoked!!

Prayed out.


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