Sooo who is the Q?

Sooo who is the Q?

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The Thang:

Yesterday the BombSquad Q was still open so I intended on being there and offered to Q if no one else came forward. Quaker hadn’t seen the post on twitter, sorry I should have sent a DM in Slack, but we quickly worked it out and went on our way. As this was the grand opening for JudeeChop we all gathered together for a quick COP led by Rousey. When it came time to spilt 8 guys participated in the bootcamp and 4 went to JudeeChop.

1. 25-SSH IC
2. 25-TTT IC
3. 15-Imperial Walkers
4. 20-Burpees OYO (Not my idea, blame Rousey)

The Thang
Partner one runs .23 miles around the church while partner two completes exercise until the number of reps has been executed.
a. 100 Burpees (My idea, but I didn’t know Burpees would be in the COP, still blame Rousey LOL)
b. 150 Oblique Crunches
c. 200 Merkins
d. 200 Big Boy Sit-ups (Modified reps for time)
e. 250 Squats (Modified reps for time)
6. Doracides
Went to parking lot where I had placed 4 cones roughly 10-15 yards apart. This was executed in suicide style trying to do an all-out sprint to the cone with a nice mosey back. The parking lot was somewhat slick so sprints were somewhat challenging.
a. Low Country Crab
b. Iron Mike
c. Super Stars
Planked on the six and moseyed back to AO for a quick COP with Rousey

7. Completed several stretching exercises in the COP

Announcements: Two new AO’s coming check website for details, The Village and Southern Bells. Strange looks were given when the name “Southern Bells” was mentioned. I explained the spelling would be different than Onecall sent, didn’t seem to help the case much. I think southern bells had like 7 votes and 6 of them were from Onecall. High Interest informed the group of an upcoming charity event in which we will be trying to provide turkeys for those in need.

Prayer request we taken, Closed in Prayer.

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