Southern Bells 12/1/2017

Southern Bells 12/1/2017

Workout Date:





Wonton, Grass Patch, Crab Cakes, Etch-a-Sketch, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

One Minute warning given
Conditions: Cool and dry

With no pre-run for this morning I woke up with a little extra time so I made a quick trip to pick up a storage box and some toys for the toy drive to have at the AO as promised, it’s a big box so we will have to step it up and bring the A game over the course of the next few weeks. We have been told that this is a 2.0 friendly event and many of the PAX and I discussed this morning that we will be getting our children involved in this by allowing them to go to the store and pick out the toys and possibly even make a card or two to send over with them. Teaching children to give and be thankful for what they have at a young age is difficult and having them get excited about participating in this event is just one of the many rewards to #OpSweetTooth. Next week I will be at Republic on Monday and then Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at Riviera. Mark it on your to do list or tell the M to put it on her honey do list and lets fill the box and make a few children’s lives a little better.
As always the PAX showed up early to help me unload and get ready for the beat down. We have been doing very similar workouts the last couple of weeks but GrassPatch and WonTon said that they would take the Q the next couple of weeks so I am sure they will throw some new pain in the weinke and mix it up a little. The group really hit it hard this morning and the endurance and strength is noticeably different than in the first few weeks as everyone really pushes it for the entire workout, unlike BeachBells……….. Please continue to talk this AO up at the other AOs, we have consistent numbers but it would be nice to get into the 6-8 PAX range which would allow us to do some additional partner style work. See you next time in the gloom!

For this week we had the following equipment:
Kettlebells: 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 40lb(4), 50lb(2), 70lb
Dumbbells: 20lb (2)
Barbell loaded with 135lbs
Curl bar loaded with 85lbs
80lb Heavy Bag
Massive Tire and 20lb Sledge

Continued with circuit work this week but bumped the timer up to 30 seconds on instead of the previous 25 seconds. Kettlebells were lined up with the single KBs on the outside and in between the double KBs for example… 15, 40, 40, 20, 40, 40, 25, 50, 50, 30, dumbbells, 70.

Circuit One
Dumbell-Hammer Curls

Circuit Two
KB (Singles)-High Pulls
KB (Doubles)-Clean and Press
Dumbbell-PAX Choice
Curl Bar-Curls

Circuit Three
KBs (Doubles)-Bent Over Rows
KBs (Singles)-Up and Overs (Big Boy sit up with KB in hands)
Dumbbell-PAX Choice
Heavy Bag w/ Curl Bar-Pull Overs
Tire and Sledge Hammer

Circuit Four
KBs (Singles)-Goblet Squats
KBs (Double)-Squats
Dumbbell-PAX Choice
Tire Farmers Walk

Circuit Five
KBs (Use all KBs as Singles) –Alternate Curls & Tricep Extensions all the way down. (11 stations/KBs)
Bag and Curl Bar- Curls
Bag and Curl Bar- Skull Crusher
Bag and Curl Bar- Rapid Close Grip Bench Press

Circuit Five
KBs (Use all KBs as Singles) – Swings all the way down. (11 stations/KBs)

Devotion: Exodus 4:10, discussed being aware of your abilities in terms of communication and learning to sharpen these skills just the same as you would other areas such as fitness. Don’t be afraid to communicate and step out of your comfort zone, instead lean on and learn from others that have mastered the skill.

Prayer Request: Shannon Holbrook, Red Tape, Run Off, Won-Ton(Safe Travels), OneCall and Family.
Praise Report: Sierra Hammond (Sandberg’s significant other) has completed chemo and is cancer free!!!!

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