Spirit of ’76

Spirit of ’76

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OneCall, Jingles (Respect), Lombardi, Dreamliner (F3 Hampton Roads VA), Geno, Little Knob, Flash, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

Weather: 76 (how patriotic) clear and calm

Wednesday is day that WaveRucker meets. With this Wednesday being 4th a July it gave the perfect opportunity to do a truly American beatdown. YHC came up with a workout that would have the pax who were brave enough to show up doing 1776 reps. A request was made for pax to bring extra rucks for some down rage pax that would be joining us and YHC put out a request for extra sandbags.

YHC arrived at the AO this morning and saw the pax getting circled up. The flags were planted and the gear was staged. The one minute warning was given and we circled up around the flags.

DisclaimerWhen in the course of human events it becomes necessary to challenge ourselves to embrace the suck and to become more; to cast away the chains of inertia and immobility and the fartsack; to reclaim the energy, vitality and youthful passion of a fit mind and body, we are compelled to choose a path which will require great effort and commitment for the greater good of body and soul.

We hold these truths to be self evident that all ruckers are created equal. And that they are all endowed bu there creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are the right to modify, not hold myself the city or F3 responsible for any injury, to read the website and understand and accept the disclaimer there with in as well as to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of the Good Life.

The Thang

The pax then rucked up, graded the coupons (3 40# sandbags, 1 60# sandbag, 1 25# 5 gallon bucker), our GoRuck Flag and Old Glory, these items would be moved with us though out the beatdown, and moved to the 1st stop which was the gazebo by mt. myrtle (aka for at least today Bunker Hill)

Here the pax did 12 exercises and did 37 reps of reach exercise. These were designed to be done with a ruck. For a harder modify a sandbag could be implemented and for a lighter modify these could be done sans ruck)

  1. Ruck Curls
  2. Merkins
  3. 4ct Flutter kick ruck hold or press
  4. Bear hug squats
  5. Dive-bombers sans ruck
  6. 2ct. Mt. Climbers
  7. Overhead press
  8. Upright row
  9. Big Boy Situps
  10. Lounges (count each leg)
  11. Dead Lift
  12. Merkin drag

After this set the pax went up and over Bunker Hill and met up by the bridge (AKA for today The Old North Bridge)

Here YHC gave the pax a brief history of the Battle of Bunker Hill and the importance of those events in American History. After that the pax did a second set of the above exercises.

The pax crossed the bridge and circled up on the grass field on the other side. There YHC gave a brief history of the Battle of Lexington and Concord and the shot heard around the world. At this time is was 0630 and YHC told the pax about Americans refusal to give up. That as Americans we face challenges head on, and YHC gave the example of John Paul Jones who was the captain of the Bonhomme Richard was engaged with the British warship Serapis. Captain Jones’ ship was heavily damaged and when asked if he wanted to surrender he replied “Sir I have not yet began to fight”. YHC gave another example this one from WW2. During the Battle of the Bulge the German Army Commander sent a letter to General Anthony McAuliffe saying that the German army had the American army encircled and asked if they wanted to surrender. General McAuliffe’s reply was Nuts.

YHC told the pax that they were half way done with the workout. Would they surender and quit on themselves, by not doing all the reps or by not doing full ROM. Or would they rise to the challenge and fish this workout they way they started it. It was here that the PAX did the third set of the previously listed exercises. It was 0700 when all the reps were done. At their time YHC asked if any pax were planning on doing the Murph WOD that a few of the other pax were planning, or if anyone had to leave. One pax left to do the Murph with his brother, the rest of the pax wanted to finish was was started at 0530 this morning.

The pax then moved back across the Old North Bridge, and up and over Bunker Hill and circled back up where our little American adventure started this morning. We finished the 4 set. On the last exercise (the merkin pull through) YHC changed it up. 4 pax got the change to call out an exercise and we would do 10 reps. Now you might be asking why 3 extra reps. Those reps were to represent God, Country, Family.The 4 excursuses were merkin pull throughs, LBCs, 4ct. Hello Dolly ruck press, and Carolina Dry Docks.

To prove my math was correct 12X37=444, 444X4=1776.

After the final round. YHC shared that the reason we did an out and back was that no matter how hard the your path is you are always working to come home. Whether its your earthly home or more importantly your spiritual home we are all working to a bigger, brighter more beautiful tomorrow.

COT & BOM: Count-a-roma and name-a-roma.

Announcements: T-claps to Onecall for the extra ruck and sandbags and for making an epic American playlist for our entertainment this morning. Also T-claps to Lombardi for the 6 gallon bucket and the awesome pictures.

Prayer requests : OneCalls Cousin.

YHC led the group in closing prayer.


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