Splish Splash- I warned you a towel was needed!

Splish Splash- I warned you a towel was needed!

Workout Date:





Big Wheels, Site Work, Stuffed Crust, Saved by the Bell, Tag Team, Short Circuit, Mayhem

The Thang:

The Q sheet had Big Wheels leading, but I sent him a message to tag out since he covered me a week or so ago when I was on the IR. He agreed and some cryptic messages about a surprise, needing a towel, and this being the most Ultimate workout ever started up. PAX were tagged, and the pre-post mumblechatter never really took hold.

I arrived with a plan to swim. We have the Waccamaw River always beside us when we post, and the Saturday group has cannon balled a couple of times, but I wanted to use it as part of the Main Thang!

COP- IC SSH, TTT, windmills, and arm circles forward/reverse. I usually add some cherry pickers and Moroccan nightclubs, but when we stood still and just did arms, we could feel the new state bird of SC- the mosquito, drawing down our blood reserves!

I asked a question or 2 about scared of the water, of course, no one said they were scared, so we moseyed over to see.

Main Thang- we got on the new dock and I called out a BOMBS workout of 5 burpees, 10 overhead claps, 10 merkins, 10 big boy sit ups, and 10 squats. Jump off the dock, swim to the bridge, get out and run around to the dock. Rinse and repeat for 5 sets. Almost through my first set and started hearing “are you wearing your shoes” and “are you taking off your shirt” and other less than dignified responses to the primal move of JUST DO IT! As we hit the water, Big Wheels opined we could immediately tell who the adventure racers were. No hesitation. No thinking about it. No looking for door B. We just jumped, swam, and ran- just as I had called out. It was eventually completed, and we squished out to await wardrobe changes by the FIA members of the PAX too delicate to wet their shoes and socks!

We took a mosey along the river walk and ended up just outside the SF area. I called out on your six and charged the water hose!!! Flutter kicks, squats, SSH, and monkey humpers followed as we took turns calling cadence and exercise and spraying our fellow PAX. I gave them a freshwater rinse so they wouldn’t call an Uber!

COT- announcements and prayer requests made. I prayed us out.

It was a FULL MOON as I left the SF area! It was not Las Vegas, so we had no agreement for what happened there to stay there- but I will withhold (STUFFED) the name (CRUST) to save someones bare butt dignity!

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