Workout Date:



Candy Cane


Candy Cane (QIC), Pikachu, Chicken Little, Quicksand, Flop (R)

The Thang:

Its been a while since YHC has made trip up north to Timeshare and with this challenge going on and since everyone is jumping on the Q sheet like its going out of style I decided i better do it now before i miss an opportunity.

YHC missed out on a prerun after getting delayed when leaving the state park this morning so I rolled into the parking lot with 10 min to spare and already saw Pikachu and Chicken Little there and waiting. 1 min warning was called and sure enough Flop and Quicksand had it timed just right and rolled in just after. Talks were apparently had prior about how much everyone loved running so like everyone knows I decided to do just that.

COP- 20 Tempo Squats and the it was time to get the running started

A few weeks back Flop mentioned a squatober idea so I took that and literally ran with it and led the pax North up the blvd. At each corner the plan was to do 20 reps of some form of squat or leg exercise and then mosey to the next corner. The exercises were prisoner squats, jump squats, alternating lunges, speed skaters, and jump squats again. YHC pulled an audible and switched the exercises to our core and those consisted of big boys, flutters IC, iron maiden crosses (while quicksand made a pitstop at a portajon), gas pumpers (it only seemed fitting after the pit stop), and LBCs. We were now back at the AO and it was time to get the leg workout really going. We proceeded with 11s starting with 10 jump squats at the lot and ran down to the blvd (crowd pleaser) and then 2 count speed skaters. When all pax were done that left roughly 6 min for mary so YHC decided to do pax choice at 20 reps max. We started with box cutters (YHC), crunchy frogs (Pikachu), J-Los (Chicken Little), protractor (Quicksand), Jack webbs (Flop), Kraken burpees till time (YHC)

Announcements- Halloween convergence, 2nd F opportunities (check slack)

Flop prayed us out