Stepping Up 2.0

Stepping Up 2.0

Workout Date:





Handy Manny, Vitamin D, Skidmark, Boxcar, Flatliner, Chewy, Crankbait (QIC)

The Thang:

Weather – 37 and clear

I rolled up around 5:15 to set up an experimental exercise in the large parking lot.  I pulled 2 cinder blocks out of my trunk and attached a long rope, creating the Cinder Block Drag.  Trial run #1 and #2 went well, so I penciled it into the workout.  I headed back to the shovel flag to see Skidmark and Boxcar pulling in.  As they looked on, I unloaded the remaining cinder blocks from my trunk.  I could hear their collective sighs through the closed doors of their car.  Chewy, Handy Manny , Vitamin D, and Flatliner rolled in with a few minutes to spare.  Mumblechatter commenced.


1 minute warning

Welcome & disclaimer given


We warmed up with:

SSH x 22

LBAC forward & reverse x 22

Imperial walkers x 22

TTT x 22

Merkins x 22

Tempo squats x 22


Cinder block coupons were then selected and we proceeded to mosey with coupons in hand to the big lot.  As we rolled up to one side of the lot, someone commented “Hey, someone left some cinder blocks out here with a rope attached!”  To celebrate a successful kickoff to the Stepping Up Men’s Study last night, I laid out the plan for the following exercises to the Pax.



S – Sumo squats

T – Tricep dips

E – Extensions (overhead tricep)

P – Push presses

P – Push ups (Merkin)

I – Incline Merkins

N – Negative curls (1 count concentric, 3 count eccentric)

G – Goblet Squats

U – Upright rows

P – Plate curls

**Extra Credit – Cinder block pull

When possible, all exercises were performed with coupons.

First round – 10 reps each exercise, performed back-to-back, no rest

Second round – We partnered up.  1 partner performs AMRAP of each exercise, while the other partner runs across the lot and back.  Each round, 1 of the pax stepped out of rotation to perform the Cinder Block Pull.  Sitting on their 6, the pax pulls the rope and cinder block to his seated position, hand over hand.  Then, he turns it around and pulls it back to the original location.  #GripStrength #LatsfortheDragonBoat

Third round – Large lap around the lot with coupons

Fourth round – Burnout reps of each exercise, performed back-to-back, no rest


We left the blocks in the big lot and ran back to the shovel flag.  We circled up for some Mary, performed tabata style using the following exercises:

  1. Flutter kicks: 20 sec on, 10 sec off x 2 rounds
  2. LBCs: 20 sec on, 10 sec off x 2 rounds
  3. Hold 6 inches: 20 sec on, 10 sec off x 2 rounds
  4. American hammers: 20 sec on, 10 sec off x 2 rounds
  5. Stargazers (haha, it was a little hard to situp)


Time called

Count-o-rama – 7


Announcements – Men’s study was successfully kicked off last night.  Great turnout of 13 HIM.  Thanks to all who came out to make it an impactful 1st week.  The topic was courage.

Prayer Requests and Prayed it out.

Thanks to all the men who came out today to get better.  As always, we left it all out on the field today and headed out to be HIM at home and at work.

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