Stone Balls of Honor

Stone Balls of Honor

Workout Date:



50-50 Meatball


Softshell, Valvano, Jingles (Respect), OneCall, Oleo (FNG Matt Johnson), Bling, Meatball (QIC)

The Thang:

The Thang: No call for one minute. YHC forgot, and let’s be honest, everyone was still shocked that YHC had actually showed up and brought his stone balls. Started with a quick gathering in the Hulk parking area to watch memorial video to two fallen bothers and best fiends both killed in action, Travis Manion and Bredan Looney. In an effort to honor both men QIC combined both of their hero workout to create one leg crushing beatdown.

Looney: 7 rounds of 400m ruck and 29 overhead squats

Manion: 7 rounds of 400m ruck and 29 squats

Picked up the stone balls, weighing 15, 25, 35 …or something like that (nobody knows the true weight, they were homemade). It should be said, there was literally no connection or link between these two heros and heavy stone balls, YHC is just an idiot/genius who wanted to make the beatdown harder.It was decided we would ruck down the straight path rather than the long and windy hills in the dark. I think our legs appreciated that decision 4 rounds into this. 

  • Quarter mile down the path, stop and do 29 squats- switch coupons
  • Quarter mile down the path, stop and do 29 overhead squats- switch coupons

Rinse and repeat these 6 more times. At .5 mile mark, PAX turned around to return back down the long path towards the parking area we began at the hulk. This made our already leg crushing workout, a repetitive and monotonous walk on the same stretch for the total 3.5 miles. It was at the 1 mile mark, YHC reminded the PAX of Breandan Looney’s favorite saying  and mantra,

Be Strong, Be Accountable, & Never Complain

With that in mind, we completed the 14 rounds, totaling 406 squats and 3.5 miles. Aside from consistently ribbing jingles about churning butter, this was not a fun workout. It was humbling and a reminder of how lucky we are to live in the USA where brave men and women are willing to Be Strong, Be Accountable, & Never Complain. I hope we too in F# and beyond can be a little more like this every day.


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