“Stretching” for a 5K

“Stretching” for a 5K

Workout Date:





Bling, Beaker, Podcast, Viagara, Barbie, Cubbie, Flouride (DR from South Africa & Raleigh!)

The Thang:

Weather- 36 and clear, beautiful morning up in NMB.  Was looking forward to this long Saturday Q up at Timeshare.  Arrived about 0600 to remind myself of all the “toys” up here, and distances from each- as I received NO help from our Nantaan via text.  Had a general idea what kind of Pain I would bring North, and finalized the beatdown after driving/walking the route prior to parking at the AO.  Cars started pulling in, Podcast mentioned that High Interest HC’d last night, but alas, we gave him until 6:30- then we all had some choice words (will not be in this BB!). Noticed the City crew setting up barricades for a 5K run.

1 minute warning- walk across street to the “better paved” lot- Disclaimer given.  Welcomed Flouride from Raleigh (Although we were all thrown by his heavy accent- certainly not from NC!). Circle up!

22 Merkins (Vets) IC

30 Sec plank- form!


30 Sec Plank

22 IW IC

30 Sec Plank

22 Flutter IC

30 Sec Plank


30 Sec Plank

22 Arm Circles Forward IC

22 Overhead Claps IC

30 Sec Plank- Finally ready to roll!  Slow Mosey to beach entrance (Beaker, grab the flag!)

Circle up for some leg stretching (theme of the workout for some reason!)


Quad stretch, Hamstring, Calf OYO- get the legs ready.

11’s on the wall with Dips and Derkins….  plank on 6.  then another 30 Sec Plank IC.  Shoulders were smoking!

Walk/rest to the beach entrance for DORA.  (I had paced off the run to the water- about 100 yards with the low tide).  This was absolutely beautiful as the sun was just rising- we all enjoyed God’s work as we pushed.

Partner 1- mosey to the beach/water.  1 burpee and mosey back to group

Partner 2- total of 200 Squats/ 200 LBC / 200 SSH as a duo.  Great work by all- watching Barbie do SSH is quite the treat!!  0700- plenty of time for more treats.

The Beach was toooo nice- made a quick modification on the Q….out to the beach to circle up.

30 Sec Plank- form!!

22 Flutters IC

6” IC.  just legs, then legs and arms up, then legs up arms up and head off the sand.  Great work, and we were now all sandy.

Indian Run on the beach to the small 2 level parking garage.

Bear Crawl the incline (this is just a stretch- not a race) 10 AH IC

mosey to the bottom- 20 AH IC

Bear Crawl to top- 30 AH IC

mosey to the bottom- 40 AH IC- Done.

wanted to use the beach again- Indian run back to the AO via the beach.  BUT, this time, we mosey on the soft sand closer to the dunes- MUCH harder!  Grabbed the flag, made our way thru the barricades and trucks back to the AO- re-plant flag.  Circle back up, I grabbed my favorite 46 pound sandbag from the car…..groans…..

Shoulder presses IC- 10 with the bag, then pass on.  I started, and Barbie quickly figured out he would do 60 presses BEFORE getting the bag!  Fun mumble chatter as we made our way around the group lifting the bag/throwing it to the next PAX.  I promised I would not only start, but finish the IC- total of 80 presses per!


Annoucements- Beaker says NOTHING is happening up at Timeshare!  Get up and Q here, post elsewhere, be involved/ETC.  Flouride mentioned the “Mule” up in Raleigh (where they have 45 AO’s!!  One Call, we are well behind!)

Prayers- Turn & Cough, brother in law.  Safe travels for Flouride back north, unspoken.  OUT.

great to get back up to Timeshare, awesome AO to work with.  Get up there and Q men!

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